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Words & Sincerity

How many of you have met someone who will declare ‘You must come and visit one day!’ or agree to YOUR proposition, without really intending to follow through on that agreement.

Arguably more serious perhaps… how many people do you know that will look into someone’s or your eyes and declare ‘I Love You’, or as someone I recently experienced while clinking a glass of bubbly, ‘Friends for Life’ … or ‘I DO… for better and for worse’, or I HATE YOU!

What someone says isn’t insignificant, every word (written and spoken) sent to someone open to listening or reading, will have an impact. Depending on the character of the listener or reader, words may traumatize, or relieve – but an impact will be made.


People will declare you a friend, but the meaning of ‘friend’ is often like love a throw away term, frequently used as a control tool.

Its unblemished meaning in someone is increasingly rare indeed in our westernised, materialistic, I want and expect it now world.

As a result, more of us see words as just words, what really defines someone, is not what they say, it is what they do, how they treat you.

I can’t deny that I fall into this category, but I will always give someone a chance (we are all likely from time to time to make errors of judgment) should their first two attempts at sincerity not transpire; however there is very unlikely to be third opportunity with me; won’t say never, but very unlikely.

It may be me, but sincerity even if said or acted in difficult back against the wall circumstances is precious, it’s like a shard of light, perfect in every way!

The only thing is, we’re not so perfect, not me and not you – so who’s pointing that accusing finger out there? Come on, own up!

So how do we know when someone is ‘real’ as we say, well we go full circle back to the actions speak louder than words adage.

It’s the only genuine measurement (mistakes included) we have immediately at our disposal.




Child = Future


When a child looks to an adult, they do so for protection, for food, for love and often without them being aware, for how they should conduct themselves.

If you are a responsible parent, or guardian, you will know that how you live will be aped by that youngster; though there will be the exception.

Children are impressionable. If you demonstrate love, they will come to know love and how to share and receive love. If you present hostility, not only is it disturbing to a child, but neuroscience research confirms lasting and irreparable emotional damage.

We see that if a child has a parent who speaks another language, a child will have little difficulty in understanding and speaking it. Just as if you choose to use profanity and do so as if it is acceptable, that child will see no issue with using similar means of communication.

When my children were toddlers, I never used goo goo and ga ga to communicate, I used well-formed vocabulary and grammar. It made a real difference to their formative development.

Non verbal communication is just as important as the verbal. Hugging, kissing, smiling and laughing are all essential to a child’s rich inner development.

If you’re in a parental partnership and raising a child, public demonstration of unity and love I suggest is critical. Anything other? Who’s to say what future effect may transpire – conscious and subliminal.

I love children… I was one… ONCE! They are our future, a future that offers more questions than answers. If we don’t equip our children with the right values, a sense of self, behavioural boundaries and heaps of love, we are letting them and their future down badly.

Words and Energy

Words R Free All of us at some point will use words to convey our thoughts, to respond to a question or an observation, even to sing a song.

We can also use words to reassure, to warn of danger, make someone feel special, to reconcile, to motivate, to preach, change minds, empower, to give direction, to convey understanding.

Some will use words to hurt, insult, belittle, threaten, accuse…often with accompanying profanity… those nasty, gutter sourced words that says more about the user, than the target of their abuse.

I have been the subject of the latter, not often, in fact half a dozen times in my life… and I am now in mid-life, so I am pretty lucky.

Many of you will know that what I write will usually fall into the description shown in the second paragraph above; which is what I am about; that is being positive, half-full, creating change, enabling self-reflection, self-belief, championing the power of choice, to look inward, start with ‘self’ and so on.

In spite of who I am and what most people who engage with me come to know, I am not ring fenced against the tirade of profane abuse. A phrase like F***ing C**t … yes strong words like that have been leveled at me.

Whether doing so was and is right (we are probably united in the likely answer here), or whether I chose to accept or respond, is really unimportant.

What is important, is understanding the POWER of Communication and the WORDS used.

Words can change lives, it can make someone who is suffering the deepest of deepest depressions to experience a sense of hope, and believe again!

It can make someone who feels the world is against them, that by saying a simple “how are you?” “is there anything I can do?” re-evaluate their lives.

We all know how the Obama, “YES WE CAN” mantra mobilized many millions of people into believing CHANGE IS ON THE WAY!

WORDS are usually the transmission of thought from our outer self, it carries unlimited ENERGY… the inner self however does not need to articulate.

Inner self communicates silently, precisely and with relevance, and is even more powerful as a result. This is why being in the midst of the target of someone’s outer self-abuse, that by responding with inner self SILENCE, the abuser become confused, if not silently concerned about the lack of REACTION, and instantly sets about diffusing the wrath that the abuser was hoping to see their target suffer from.

Profanity is for me lazy, it is also a weakness… but this is my opinion.

We are not born to use such words, on the contrary, our words should mirror our birth right, that is we’re born to love, and smile, and laugh, and share, and help, and be free from prejudgment… however, we are also born to learn and learn rapidly, so we are open to learning the bad stuff we’re taught or experience, and then take this into unwisely executing abuse verbally and sometimes physically.

Doing so will not make our lives better. No, in fact it creates suffering, turns a potential friend into a potential enemy, and says, this is how I have learned to communicate; but ultimately using profane words is simply unpleasant…, I am no prude reader, exclaiming a few choice words at the right time, used strategically can be a potent weapon, indeed a shrill of f***k if you bang your knee against a sharp object is understandable. All good then.

It’s when using profanity to specifically hurt that is unmistakably counterproductive.

I have taught my daughters not to use the words like Can’t or the word Hate or similar… and for good reason. Rather they use the word LOVE a lot!

So really reader, choose your words carefully, THINK! Know that words carry positive and negative energy; common sense should dictate which will serve your interest best.

Remain blessed.