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Rules for 2018 #1

So another year has passed and another is well on the way, I do hope this year for you will not mirror the one just passed!

Here are 15 lifestyle choices that I think are necessary for 2018…

  1. If someone shuts you out, let them; and don’t ever return for more of the same.
  2. If someone treats you kind, with love or with affection, treasure them.
  3. Make an effort to do something you have never done before; life is for LIVING!
  4. Don’t spend more than you earn, money for most is hard to come by.
  5. Be nice, even to those who are not nice to you.
  6. Read, Read, and Read a little more, and travel, travel and travel a little more.
  7. Expose yourself to different cultures, different people, anything different in fact.
  8. Learn a language, learn to bake, learn to swim, learn to code, just learn.
  9. Be humble, be truthful, be authentic, and stop being an echo chamber.
  10. Indulge yourself with music, music, music and your kind of live MUSIC!
  11. Drink lots of water, lots of it daily, avoid too much sugar and too much salt.
  12. Enjoy great sex and more sex and more sex, we all love mind-blowing sex!
  13. Be around people who make you feel good about life, who will allow you to be you.
  14. Try and sleep well, relax the muscles in your face right now, yes now!
  15. Try not to sit down too much, try to use the stairs rather than the elevator, try walking more, or cycle instead of taking the car to go 400 meters up the road.

In the 2nd rules for 2018 post (and there will only be two for 2018), my next 15 point plan, will focus on what I now do best,



Happy 2018 to you and yours, do remember life is determined by that all-encompassing POWER OF CHOICE!



Rib-eye Steak

In my 20s I worked and lived in Italy. It was an experience that opened my eyes to classic men’s fashion, a different language, a vibrant culture and moreover extraordinary food.

When I returned home, it was back to bacon, sandwiches, chips and canned spaghetti.

Then in my 30s, I joined a vocal quartet and lived and worked in Spain; yet another different culture, different language and again extraordinary delicacies.

I then got the travel bug (and still have it), and travelled far and wide… from Sri Lanka to Costa Rica to Kenya among other places. Again local food in so many places, trumped (if you can forgive the term) what was readily available on a regular high street in my home nation.

However, there is one ration that when cooked and seasoned properly, is so incredibly tasty; sorry to all you Vegans and Vegetarians out there, and it is the Rib-eye Steak.

In my current country of Malta, I recently visited a restaurant where this was being served. Now I have had some rib-eyes that are frankly awful. However this restaurant or rather the chef cooked my rib-eye to perfection… I like it medium to well done, just so that I can get that rich taste of it almost tasting like it had been barbecued.

Now in the midst of so much global bad news, I had to lighten your day!