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Self-Respect matters…

I see so many people being disrespected, and for some reason, they allow such behavior to continue.

Quite often, it is usually the person you are most close with that will disrespect you, be it family or friend or more often than not, your ‘loved’ one.

But why does this strange paradox exist?

If you don’t respect yourself, ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot!

Says The Staple Singers! 

If there’s one thing my late parents taught me, is to never allow anyone to disrespect me, and in order to do that, I have to respect myself first!

If you have read my blogs, you will know I will give people 3 chances and after that I will walk away, I will not tolerate repetitive rudeness. Once may be a mistake, twice is taking advantage, thrice is my red line, it STOPS right there!

If you get to the third stage of disrespect that person senses you don’t respect yourself and hence, that person has in effect become a manipulative bully and will abuse you whenever they wish. If you allow such behaviors to continue, you will have minimal control over the perpetrator, seriously zero to minimal!

So when you go to sleep tonight, think just how much do you respect yourself, really just how much???

Remember your instincts are triggered for a reason… listen! 

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Your life is important

You owe it to yourself to look after number one…

Most of us can count the number of people who would stand shoulder to shoulder with us come what may on one hand.

People talk, very few walk (the talk)…

So self love, self care in an increasingly disturbing and unforgiving world has to be high up on your list of life’s priorities.

Caution should be given however to descending into retribution, violence and vengeance… self control and self discipline are essential virtues that must underpin any response to emotional pain, intimidation and unjust behaviour.

Sending weekend blessings to you and yours.



You know what? I am so incredibly loveable, I am so loveable that I sleep snugly with myself at night!

I am so loveable that when I smile in the mirror, the man in the mirror smiles back!

I am so loveable that I can’t help telling myself that I am so loveable.

The old dears that watched me croon jazz standards in my former life, used to come up to me at the end of a show, and declare…


…and they were so right, I AM SO LOVEABLE!

When I pray, I hear a voice in my head say… Son, ‘YOU ARE SO LOVEABLE’!


I don’t really need to remind myself how LOVEABLE I AM, but just in case I might, just might forget9e93b927-511d-4522-aa31-442687351df2-original

So you may want to join my I AM SO LOVEABLE CLUB, in fact you are invited, it’s free, no subscription required, and more importantly, that special thing called SELF LOVE IS GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SO INCREDIBLY LOVEABLE… JUST LIKE ME!