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The power of the ‘word’ I.


Every time we use the word I, we talk to our higher-self, our soul, being and truth… a truth which will transpire or manifest at some point in time.

I made a habit of never using the word I unless it is followed by something positive.

For example.. I can (a positive statement) or I am (a positive statement).

So shown is a mantra that follows this principle.

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I Know…

I know that there are no limits to my potential, and that my potential is only limited by me.

I know that by being positive in my thinking, that positive action will follow.

I know that when I cast off fear, that opportunities appear.

I know that by being selfless, that I invite generosity.

I know that when I choose to truly forgive, that I must also choose to forget.

I know that my actions will not only affect my life, but the lives of others too.

I know that by welcoming change, that I welcome experience and wisdom also.

I know that my truth, my integrity, my principals need not be suppressed in the pursuit of success.

I know that I am thought, energy and love, and that my body is a precious gift to me.

I know that what I do on this plane, will result in due judgement in another.

I know that a good word, can inspire the deepest minds of many for the good, and that a bad word will ultimately destroy.