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Risk & Reward

This time last year I was unsure of what the future may hold; this period was not only confusing and stressful, but this period also allowed me to discover ME in more depth. So I am rewarded.

We all want to live a life that brings happiness, pleasure, wealth and security. What we should actually aim for is Life Contentment. Contentment is akin to nirvana if you will, all the other experiences can and is often short-lived, in particular happiness, but all can nurture insecurity, jealousy, depression and other negative fall-outs.

This time last year I took a risk. I decided I wanted to move to another country. I am attracted to adventure, new cultures and people. In doing so I benefit from learning or adapting to a different way to live. Experiencing how others adapt to my character or my physical appearance is important to me both personally and professionally.

But before all this, I have had to endure (the necessary) extreme chaos and (required) stress. Yet throughout I knew that I was, and still am served by a universal love; a love that protects, illuminates and guides.

Now I am in another country. While my previous location is currently cold (I am not a fan of cold weather), where I am now is warm and balmy.

Look, I could have remained in the comfort zone, a nice place, but as a well-known quote states ‘little grows there’. I could have avoided all the mental doubts, all the anxiety and financial costs, and be the mouse on the wheel in our global cage, waking up and experiencing the daily repeat repeat repeat, then going to bed and waking up the following day and experiencing repeat repeat repeat. Sorry this is not living this is existing!

So I am on my way to creating a rich life of contentment, a life where I continue to learn about most importantly about myself and critically others on a daily basis.

Take note of this universal rule…


Exceptional circumstances

I’ve always believed that we will all face at some stage or another a situation where exceptional circumstances will dictate one’s next direction in life.

I am a confident individual; well I like to think that I am. I believe in myself so much, that often when I set myself  a task, I usually achieve or master it.

But dear reader, I am also fallible, I will make mistakes, will do something that my silent voice has already projected in front of my mind’s eye the likely consequences, and yet I will pay no heed to the message, or the likely outcome and ignorantly lead with my human state of mind, instead of my all-knowing, all-encompassing spiritual being.



I am not afraid to take risks, I like to challenge myself, I don’t like the easy route, the comfort zone if you will. I like to GROW through my own endeavours, and yes the accompanying errors of judgment too.  Maybe one day it will be a colossal mistake, who knows.

However through it all, I believe that I have been brought up by my late and wonderful village parents to continue to remain a good human being.

I really don’t like to cause distress or angst or disappointment to anyone.

I am also terribly honest with myself and others once I do screw up… and on I continue to go down my unique yellow brick road, whether people wish to dance alongside me isn’t important, what is important, is where I am going!

Yes this is something of a confession blog today, I failed to follow my own serial teachings, and have been rightly taught a harsh emotional lesson, duly given a very rude awakening.

But the PAST is not where I live people, I live in the here and now, working towards a solid future for my girls, G’son and loved ones; and what is done, cannot be undone right? So…

People good and bad will come into our lives to teach us something, or for us to teach them something, then they like all of us, will one day go – FACT!

We’ve just go to get used to it right, it’s the universal law of things.

Exceptional circumstances indeed.


The Power of ‘knowing’

Yes we all possess it; call  it gut, call it intuition, it is without a doubt, your internal guide and your Protector In Chief.

I’m deeply interested in people, why people do what they do, what makes us tick, I find people utterly fascinating, and at times deeply troubling.

Yesterday I was walking along the promenade where I live, and a police car driving at speed with all horns blazing, and proceeded to brake hard, and crashed into a parked car – now I saw no reason for this officer to be speeding or to brake hard, and then to subsequently lose control of his vehicle; but he did.

He immediately put his head in his cupped hands, got out of his car to inspect the damage to his and the parked car, looking totally bewildered. Strange right? That’s off topic, but relates to the ‘troubling’ bit, plus I wanted to share that oddity with you.

This knowing thingy… Some examples: you’re on a look out for a new home, and you enter a property… leaving the decor, layout and the location to one side, you just sense whether that environment feeds your energy positively or negatively.

Example number 2, you’re in a relationship, it could be new or long-standing, but something in your head is telling you that it doesn’t feel right or moreover feels right – now one can choose to ignore that silent message, or respond to it, many of us choose to ignore, and in hindsight sometime later, wished we didn’t.

Finally number 3, you visit a different country, and for whatever reason that place is urging you to stay, you’re not sure why, but doing so seems the right thing to do.

Can you relate?


I try to cultivate and nurture my unique ‘knowing‘ ability, particularly around people, but also in discerning the energy around me. It has served me extremely well over the years, and as I grow older and hopefully wiser, its ability and force is seemingly strengthening.

In recent times I have been faced with some really odd life challenges, and they’re still continuing; stuff in the outer world I would rather do without, but in my internal world, I know that these challenges are absolutely essential for my spiritual development.

I also try to use my knowing to protect those I love, those I care about, I try to guide, but I am not always listened to, that’s people for you. We all have our own life path in which to tread, and I believe we must all go down that path, eyes wide open or blinkered, and live it for good or for bad.

This knowing will always, I repeat, always present the options available to us, often it will insist on just ONE, and it is up to us to decide to go with its message, listen to our gut, or heed our intuition; or choose to go with what others may judge us on, or what feeds our ego, or… need I continue?



Finding positives among the negatives

Throughout my blog I underline my writing in the knowledge that no matter what I experience, I always know that there’s a positive angle to everything.

Please forgive me, I know that I have been absent for a while. Sometimes one needs a break from the digital world to re-engage in the real world, and this is what I have been doing dear reader.

I have started the process in finding myself once again. The jubilant, optimistic, ever hopeful me. The deeply spiritual, open-eyed, full of wonder me. The empathetic, humorous, insightful me.

The last two years I have ridden the high waves of life challenges, challenges that I never foresaw, and in fact would have never believed; but you know what? It was all worth it, yes, really, I needed a real kick up the rear end, to emerge from my human chrysalis into my newly emboldened human butterfly.

Due to my childhood, I have always been on the move, wherever I lay my hat, I call home.

In the UK, the nation is gripped with the EU referendum. I really must tell you that I am so Euroed out, so much so that I have made the move to the Mediterranean sun, which I will call home for the foreseeable future. The Brexiteers and the Remains can slug it out, the fear campaign which is to blame everything on immigrants is just too much for me, and being a so-called minority myself despite being an earthling, I want no part of the end result either way!

Since my move, incredible people have been met, wondrous opportunities have transpired, and rich joy, laughter and contentment found.

There are positives staring at you right now, take their hand and move with them.

So what I am driving at is this, if you don’t like your place, your experience, your status, your ‘friends’, your whatever, CHANGE IT, if you don’t take a risk, you lose the chance.

Fear not, for fear is in the mind. Darkness is required to see the trillions of stars above our heads, and closing ones’ eyes will awaken your dreams.

Procrastination is the Devil!

It is highly likely that the majority of us are not happy with our daily lives – be it career, love, family etc.
Most of us will get (note not using the word ‘wake’) up and do more or less what we did yesterday, and hope and wish for change.
Many of us will whine, complain and moan about this and that, yet do nothing to positively make a lasting beneficial change.
I was viewing a video on YouTube of the late Jim Kelly; yes he of Enter The Dragon & Black Belt Jones fame, talking how he always set goals, and once he achieved those goal, he would put in place more goals to take him where he wished to be in his life.
Of course, not all of his experiences were positive, but he kept on focusing and reaching for his high aims, and more often than not, accomplished them. He wasn’t an actor, he was a martial artist, and he readily mocks his acting ability but bigs up his karate skills. He made his name in that cameo role in Enter The Dragon, he actually said he wasn’t the one to be killed in the movie, it was meant to be John Saxon, but he did not have the film track record that Saxon had, so he was written out early… I felt his frustration.
His goal setting took him from a good all round sportsman, and leading karateka to a Hollywood star.
Most of us would have experienced that empowering feeling of having reached a goal, executed a hard won task, or delivering against a long term or held aim. There’s no feeling quite like it right? Be it passing an exam, or making a meal following a recipe – I DID IT!
Yet lurking like a human shadow, there’s the devil I call procrastination… yes he or she, or it… always ready and motivated to knock on the wall at the back of your mind, and nearly always successfully delivering that common excuse… I’ll do it later, someday, not in the mood etc. Sounds familiar?
Someone once told me that our lives are determined by the THINGS WE CHOOSE NOT TO DO… Boom!
As ever, I will always believe in the immeasurable power of CHOICE, choice can take you there or leave you here!
You have the power of choice too, it really depends on whether you will afford your daily devil shadow some wriggle room or slam the door shut and create the life you’re capable of and genetically deserve.

The power of the ‘word’ I.


Every time we use the word I, we talk to our higher-self, our soul, being and truth… a truth which will transpire or manifest at some point in time.

I made a habit of never using the word I unless it is followed by something positive.

For example.. I can (a positive statement) or I am (a positive statement).

So shown is a mantra that follows this principle.

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