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Be brave…

Life is often shaped by what you don’t do, than what you do, quite often you know precisely what you need or must do, but weeks pass by, until it’s too late.

So why do so many of us adopt this sabotage behaviour? 

There are two areas we can point two, you just can’t be bothered, or you are afraid of the unknown or likely consequences (even if you know what the consequences are) before you make the decision.

We all know what to do, particularly if you listen to your silent voice, yet we live externally and not internally, and there lies the core problem; we start to think about what may physically happen or the effects on those around us or our environment as a direct result of the decision actioned.

So where do we go from here? 

We can all control our minds… if you go to bed, and tell yourself to wake up at a given time, you will wake up at your chosen time, no need for alarms. Again, tell yourself to walk 12 miles, and you will walk 12 miles, also tell yourself to fast for three days, and you will fast for three days… remember the guy that swam around Great Britain recently, well he told himself to swim around Britain, and the consequences was chunks of his tounge fell off, but he achieved his goal.

I do 80 to 100 press ups daily even though I’m in my late fifties, it’s all about determination and fortitude

I often see people who need or wish to lose weight visit the gym, why do they visit the gym, well it’s the collective, it’s being with those around you doing the same thing, some are just fitness fanatics, while others are losing weight, so yeah it’s the collective spirit, which supports, drives and empowers, and moreover also for some, dilutes the shame and personal embarrassment.

Being afraid is in the mind, sure if you are in an emergency, like in a fire or caught up in a terrorist attack or someone is pointing a gun at you, then sure being afraid is fully justified, however for the most part, fear is in the mind. 

I recall seeing a video on YouTube, where Will Smith was talking about jumping out of a plane. He remarked that even before he got on the plane, he couldn’t sleep, he was worried…which he later said was utterly foolish, and then when he jumped out of the plane… all the fear vanished in a second, he felt like an albatross.

So be brave, whether you want to say something to that special person that you keep seeing or thinking about, or just be brave and change your life!

Live n love always! 



Self sabotage

Self sabotage… we all do it.

There’s something we should do, want to do, yet we don’t or won’t do.

Sometimes it’s out of fear, sometimes it’s over thinking, sometimes we under estimate ourselves and sometimes we have grown so used to our comfort zone that we believe change just isn’t necessary; well “not right now!”.

We all like to feel appreciated right? It’s a wonderful feeling.

Do you know the easiest way of receiving appreciation is to give it?

In fact, if I tell someone I appreciate them, it seems to carry more value, meaning and power, than if I said I love them.

Lets face it, the word love is thrown around like confetti…one can go from love, to dislike and outright hatred in a heart beat.

The people who achieve the most are those who dare the most – #fact

You want to live the life of your dreams, then throw caution to the wind and be bold, be audacious, and set your mind free!!

You are in complete control of your life, you must believe that. Every single decision you make has a consequence.

Decide on what consequence you want and execute that critical decision to make it happen.

Tuesday blessings.