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Privacy Matters

I like to keep my private life and affairs to myself, it was how I was raised.

Some people will openly spill the beans to anyone, even if they don’t know them; which is from my point of view, a little unnecessary if you choose to ask me.

I really value my privacy, sometimes even if you’re family or someone I share my life with, somethings must remain top secret.

I don’t share other people’s privacy unless I’m given full approval to do so. I’m not into small talk, or gossip, so I prefer to talk about relevant information about life or my reflections on life or most likely what I can do to change or better my life. 

But more often than not, it’s women that gossip, sorry ladies; but it’s true. You just cannot keep your tounges from wagging. 

As a former dancer, I’ve spent enough time with women to know this. Most of my friends are women, but when I’m in their  company we talk about climate change and not what shoes you are planning on wearing, however I digress.

Privacy matters, why does it matter? Well because we’re all unique, and we represent our tribe/family, we also must have some aspects of ourselves that we should keep to ourselves, like what we do before we go to bed, or what  we believe in, or how we see ourselves, something I do each and every day. 

I don’t like people talking about me behind my back, they have no right to do so. I don’t do it to them and they should not also. Yet people are creatures of habit, which is where such behaviours emerge from. We do need to review our habits from time to time, or we just won’t change. 

I’ve come off Facebook and LinkedIn, why because I wanted to change my daily activities as I was getting addicted, in particular to FB; but more importantly, I’m open to my privacy being abused.

So, privacy matters to me, and I’m sure for some of you too. We can all be open, I’m always open, but my private life is just that, my private life.