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Rules for Life #45 The Magic…

Have you read the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne?

Well it focuses on GRATITUDE

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Gratitude is not really prevalent in our lives, it is all about gain, gain and more gain.

Whether you are right now going through a crisis, or you are lying on a pristine beach in paradise, you have to and must give gratitude always!

As you know, my parents ‘RIP’ were both illiterate, neither could read or write effectively, so more often than not, I would have to drive miles to their home to complete forms, or to write letters for them, but it is they that put me through school (wearing second hand clothes), to learn how to read and write, so I have an immense amount of gratitude and love for them.

I recently flew into London, and my first stop was at their resting place (something I always do when I visit my home town)… even though I don’t live in the UK, when I got there it was just as I left it two Augusts ago… the flowers were wilted and weeds had grown to such an extent, it blocked the site of the stone. So with little tools, I took some toilet tissue from the lavatory, borrowed a watering can to clean up the stone, and pulled up heaps of weeds, and before arriving at the cemetry I bought some flowers and made it more presentable; it is likely that I will have to do the same again when I return once more… but here’s the thing, I wouldn’t be in the position to clean up the stone if it were not for them.. so gratitude is sent again.

Many of us think negatively, partly because we’re bombarded on a daily basis with so much negativity, with little trust and integrity we take to the world in fear of what might happen to us. Now I am not one of those, but whenever I step outside and walk the streets, I can see fear or reticence in the eyes of others, I specialise in body language.

Gratitude fills us with hope, humility, and grace… it also provides us with a invaluable perspective, that when you see what happens around the world to those who are in a far worse position than we are, then this should promote gratitude and not fear! 

I like to be around people who wake up and take to life in a positive manner, despite their woes and burdens, and we all have burdens, but it is how you deal with or respond to your burdens that can make the difference to enabling failure or success in your life.

I have been through a great deal of woes in recent years, but when I step outside, I always say hello to strangers (I have a presence about me), even if they don’t reciprocate… it does not matter, because doing so is very rare indeed.

This is who I am.

I have a life, I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk, I can pray, I can read, I can write, I can love, I can think, I can be empowered to change the lives or attitudes of others…

This is who I am.

My overall aim is to be content with Life, but to create plans and make choices to be even more content with my Life and the lives of others too… my mother always used to say ‘don’t be happy John, be content’ and this has been my mantra every single second of my conscious life, seeking contentment and not happiness, and gratitude is the overwhelming and unlimited fuel from which contentment can be achieved.

So dear reader, all 6,300 of you, do please embrace and show GRATITUDE at all times, gratitude fills you with joy and provides you with inner contentment and peace of mind.

Also, and this is very important, please no matter what happens, always always say THANK YOU!!!








The fading positive values of #truth and trust.

It’s been a challenging world in recent years, trust of powers, authorities and each other are arguably the lowest I’ve witnessed in my lifetime thus far.

Truth is becoming an increasingly rare quality, even among our own friends and family.

Truth is a social requirement, it forms the foundations of trust; another fading human quality. Without it, the fabric of our human society is in danger of imploding. Wars, famine, refugees and other needless man-made crises are driving wedges between once peaceful and united communities.

I don’t know about you dear reader, but I am fond of people who mean what they say, and say what they mean.

You just know where you stand with such people; however there’s a growing sense that such people are few and far between.

As a result, more of us choose to remain in our ‘personal bubble’ and absorb sceptical info from the media, or choose to live in a digital world, where you can delete or add people with relatively minimal consequences, or our young stepping out of their homes with knives and other tools of destruction, just as many of us would grab our phones before leaving our respective abodes.

But how do we entrench and nurture truth and trust? 

Well one way, is to do what toddlers do… Be open, less judgemental, choose to live in the moment, live la Vida Loca, smile more, cry more, giggle more, dance more, instinctively learn different languages, be curious, read more, play more.

As an adult, we can stop over thinking, travel more and be more inquisitive about each other, talk to strangers more, embrace transformational change, be courteous and conform to positive social behaviours.

All the above requires personal application however, yes only positive human interaction can develop a much-needed rich culture of trust and truth between us all.

One more thing, we also need leaders of people, positive role models, people who can positively inspire our young; they are our future after all right? 

I’m doing my bit for the cause, I invite you to do the same.

The opposite of this is well…  TRUMP WORLD, FAKE NEWS, TERRORISM, ALTERNATIVE FACTS, HUMAN TRAFFICKING the very real risk of GLOBAL DESTRUCTION as a result of man-made choices and actions.

OK, let’s end on a positive note, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!


Life’s mysteries

A week ago, I was again touched by spirit. Most often they let me know they’re with me by just playing with my hair or gently stroking my face, in this case it was the former.

I have an elderly family member who is not doing well health wise, and as I wasn’t with them as I am in another country, I wondered if it was a sign. No, thankfully it wasn’t.

Instead it was seemingly a precursor to a much needed change in fortune; also aided and abetted by prayer, a demonstration of hard work, humility and focus. So I am guessing it was either my spirit guide or someone on the other side, sensing that I have had enough trials recently and turned the page for me.

Some people don’t believe in prayer, and some people don’t believe in spirits, but I can assure you that whenever I pray and I mean pray with intensity, the magic happens.

But before the magic happens, one has to suffer (much like Jesus had to) to the point of despair; but you know what reader, I am a born optimist, and consistently talk in the positive to myself, and with my love of music, trying to help others, a lover of all things creative and staying in shape, I rarely if ever concede defeat, and if I do, doing so was necessary to take me up to another level when I choose to move on.

I have been here before, so I have learned, learned well, and at this mid point in my life, the consequences of my decisions will need to be previewed before I act.

Topic change. I love coconut water; yes coconut water, just like the turmeric spice, sweet potato, and ginger are very much in vogue. Now my roots have been strictly rooted in Caribbean cuisine (although anything rich in flavour suits me), so sweet potatoes, ginger and the incredible coconut in all its forms has been a part of my life since childhood. Why am I mentioning this? Well because I am in a good space, and the thought of these foods make me feel, well, wonderful.

Here’s something from his Holiness.


Finding positives among the negatives

Throughout my blog I underline my writing in the knowledge that no matter what I experience, I always know that there’s a positive angle to everything.

Please forgive me, I know that I have been absent for a while. Sometimes one needs a break from the digital world to re-engage in the real world, and this is what I have been doing dear reader.

I have started the process in finding myself once again. The jubilant, optimistic, ever hopeful me. The deeply spiritual, open-eyed, full of wonder me. The empathetic, humorous, insightful me.

The last two years I have ridden the high waves of life challenges, challenges that I never foresaw, and in fact would have never believed; but you know what? It was all worth it, yes, really, I needed a real kick up the rear end, to emerge from my human chrysalis into my newly emboldened human butterfly.

Due to my childhood, I have always been on the move, wherever I lay my hat, I call home.

In the UK, the nation is gripped with the EU referendum. I really must tell you that I am so Euroed out, so much so that I have made the move to the Mediterranean sun, which I will call home for the foreseeable future. The Brexiteers and the Remains can slug it out, the fear campaign which is to blame everything on immigrants is just too much for me, and being a so-called minority myself despite being an earthling, I want no part of the end result either way!

Since my move, incredible people have been met, wondrous opportunities have transpired, and rich joy, laughter and contentment found.

There are positives staring at you right now, take their hand and move with them.

So what I am driving at is this, if you don’t like your place, your experience, your status, your ‘friends’, your whatever, CHANGE IT, if you don’t take a risk, you lose the chance.

Fear not, for fear is in the mind. Darkness is required to see the trillions of stars above our heads, and closing ones’ eyes will awaken your dreams.

Making a Difference


No matter what you may think or believe, your actions whether seismic or microscopic; just like dropping a grain of rice into a pond, will ripple outwards to its default destination.

It is therefore important to be aware of the actions that you choose to take, as there is always a consequence.

Have you noticed like me, that sharing or promoting bad news, images or rumor, arouses more interest, and gathers more attention than when championing good news, success or positive values?

Are you one of the former or the latter…? Be honest!

There is a fair agreement among those I have canvassed, that unless you are a ‘name’ or celebrity, there is a discernible resistance to acknowledging or being seen to publicly support positive news, even though spreading positive and self-transformational information is increasingly popular and sought after!

But just like that grain of rice, a single consonant or pixel of positivity will have that ripple effect on those open to receiving, and will make an impression, whether it is immediately clear or not.

So please, if you’re anything me and wish to make a difference to the lives of others in a positive way, continue to do so, because it works!