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Rules for Life #42 It’s what you don’t do that shapes your life direction

Right now, many of us will know that if we had only taken that key action or decision, we would be living a totally different and superior life.

You know, life will always offer up golden opportunities, it’s whether we recognise them or, when we do, grasp them. Being proactive and affirmative in our actions is vitally important, but this is based usually on our desires, wishes and needs.

What our universe will from time to time present, are windows of exceptional opportunities that are not planned, not thought of, not considered and never imagined.

These are the golden nuggets that we must always try to identify and grasp; you will usually hear it in your silent mind or feel it in your bones.

Look, right now we all have something we want to do, something we may even need to do, but we’re conditioned to follow our daily pattern of behaviour… so we will turn on Netflix and binge, spend hours on social media, we will indulge in our often health damaging habits, we spend time admiring those very icons, that have grasped the universal opportunities served to them, instead of investing in ourselves.


Here’s the thing… affirmative action.

You know you want to make that call – So make it!

You want to be that expert – start as a beginner; all experts were beginners!

You want to see the world – plan, save and do it!

You want to be rich – learn from those who are; buy their biographies, replicate authentically, and work damn hard.

You want to speak a different language – study, practice and speak it!

Want to get back what you give – keep on giving, even when you don’t get it back immediately, give it time, it surely will – what goes around comes around.

Need to lose weight – be more active, eat less and be persistent until you achieve your target weight; seek help if necessary.

Need to find someone to love – stop what you’re doing, take a leap of faith, be brave and go somewhere, where you’ve never been before perhaps; you may potentially bump into that special someone who you had never expected to meet – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a fine example; believe me, there’s someone out there for all of us.

Ultimately, be bold and take a risk!

I could go on and on… but I won’t, you get it right? 🙂

So when (and it is always when) our Mother Universe send you her gifts, don’t ever turn your back, embrace the moment, use the moment and shape your life!




Regrets are necessary…

There’s no worse feeling than having a deep sense of regret is there, it is just one of those NOooooo experiences right!?

More often in life than not, it is the things we DON’T DO that dictates our path in life.

From time to time we are presented with exceptional opportunities that are so blatantly obvious, that some of us will freeze in disbelief, resulting in a sense of trepidation.

The ‘should I shouldn’t I’ scenario, summed up as procrastination.

Often when faced with this moment in time, one often choose to avoid taking the moment to seize the moment. 

That sense of trepidation should be heeded and embraced, it’s your higher-self revealing a clear channel for change, not just any change, a lasting enriching LIFE CHANGE.

It is truly understandable that many of us will err on the side of caution, it is the what’s behind the door moment, don’t open it or the yongibongibow will be there waiting for you.

Many of us will find and have found just when we are faced with calamity, good fortune comes to our rescue. It is no accident dear reader, we get in life what we put in life.

For example if you do bad deeds, bad outcomes will follow. If you do good stuff, the good stuff fairy will be at your back; there to protect you from failing or losing or feeling enough is enough.

Paradoxically, that enough is enough moment is necessary, without it we will continue to move forward in a straight line superfast into the proverbial brick wall without ever thinking deeply to change what we do so we can avoid that brick wall.


Regrets are powerful tools for change, real change, not just any change, a lasting enriching LIFE CHANGE, if we choose to wake up and smell the regret coffee.

We often choose to think a regret as a NOooooo moment, but in fact, it is a signal for change, a sharp prod in our rib cage, a necessary slap on the back of our confused head.

So the next time you arrive at a regret moment, pause and ask yourself this…

What do I do now? Will I let the perceived negative experience halt me in my tracks and force me to make decisions based on an emotional mood, or will I wake up and smell the regret coffee. Choose wisely!

Seriously, before taking action, think first, remove the emotional aspect from your thinking and think with clarity, with focus on what your next decision will be.

What do I want for me? Not many of us ask this profound Q enough.



Why Wait?

I was drawn to a posting made by an inspirational friend on Facebook recently; she drew my eye to the subject of ‘regret’. Now this is a subject that I have expressed opinion on before.

Anyway, my mind is inclined to work overtime, become supercharged once stimulated, and just before entering the land of nod, I previewed what it is that I wanted to express here today.

The energy we call ‘Life’, will make clear, opportunity in a range of identities on a regular and consistent basis. Some opportunities are grasped while others are missed; nothing too startling there you might think, this is obvious – and you would be right. We do know however, that those who grasp, will often be sitting at the head of the table of success, but I digress.

We humans are a fascinating species; often a paradox in how we behave.

For instance, when it comes to self-preservation, addressing pain, responding to life threats, we do not hesitate to act. Indeed it is as if we are programmed to deal with the matter in hand without hesitation, without thinking – it is instinctive! So when danger, hurt, threat lurks, we know exactly what to do, even with limited knowledge or ability – we just do it!

On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing the good things in life, those things that ‘we know’ will improve our lives, makes us short-term happy and long-term contented, we procrastinate, mull over and deny ourselves the obvious choice to make! Why?

If there is an expert on such matters, or a stimulated follower reading this who would like to enlighten, I invite you to comment.

We may feel drawn to that someone, but we will not venture to open dialogue through fear of rejection or feeling foolish. We know that by making an effort to exercise more, that our health will benefit, yet it is easier not to… In short, where positive benefit and positive experiences can be had, we dilly and dally!

An opportunity missed, will almost certainly lead to the ‘if only’ silent voice in your head at some future date.. yes that gnawing, exasperating feeling of regret. Whether it is if only ‘ I did’ or ‘did not’, it does not matter one jot, the opportunity has gone, it is in the past; and though the obvious choice was staring you point-blank in the face, you um’d and ar’d until the angel of opportunity sought a more welcoming subject for her gifts.

So here’s my point. Why wait?

Why wait to ask the question that is constantly on your mind? Why wait to get yourself off that sofa in front of your TV and do a little exercise? Why wait to make that call, write that letter or send that e-mail? Why wait to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ ? Why wait to pursue your dreams, realise your potential and live the life you deserve, and is there for you to have!?