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Today is a special day.

Today if my late mother was here with her loved ones, she would be celebrating her 100th birthday with us.

She was known to her peers and those who grew up with her in the tiny island of Montserrat, as Queen. The reasons are many, one was that she was particularly beautiful, but more than that, she toiled the land from sun rise and to sun set on her own on behalf of her family. Did all she can to enable her children to have a balanced and enriched life.

I was connected to her emotionally and spiritually. If she cried, I cried even though I wasn’t aware that she was crying.

She was short and feisty, could sing like an angel, and lived her life through Jesus Christ.

Some of you know that in a past life I was an entertainer. I started in dance, then dabbled in acting and then moved on to singing for a living.

I want to recall a deep meaningful experience for you that for me remains a powerful testament of my bond with her.

I was performing in a play in Italy, I had just finished one act and returned to the wings. I suddenly for no apparent reason whatsoever, burst into tears, uncontrollable tears… my fellow actors tried to console me, but to no avail. They asked me what was wrong, but I had no answer.

The following morning I received correspondence from my sister. The note read, ‘mum’s gone!’ My heart broke and fell out of my chest. I immediately made plans to fly home to be with my family.

I kept reading the note over and over again on my flight home. When I returned home the sadness was palpable.

I eventually was told of the time of her death.

Dear reader, the time of my mother’s death, was the exact same time that I burst into tears back stage over 1200 miles away.

My Queen risked her and my life giving birth to me at the mature age of 42. I was born on the Christian day of Good Friday, her last born – she always told me that as I was special. I know why she would have believed that.

Her memory was needlessly stained when someone that I was committed to felt the need to make disparaging remarks about her, and that is despite never having met or known her – this person too is a mother… incomprehensible, frankly evil, and unforgiveable. Karma my friends.

Yesterday I had to attend to her resting place, and also visit an area of London where my memory of her remains to this day prominent; Portobello Road Market.

What more can I say?

Happy 100th Birthday, I love you, miss you… I AM YOU x


My Queen with my niece.