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Here are some life events that I will never forget..

  • As a five year old playing Herod the King with a plastic floppy sword
  • How my mother’s tears will instantly make me weep when I was young
  • My father bringing home bottles of Makeson Stout and chocolate eggs every Friday after work
  • Being able to tread water in the deep end at a swimming pool
  • My first kiss on my crush’ lips in the school playground, no tounges
  • The first time aged 9 a school friend showed her vagina to me in a classroom
  • When I lost my virginity aged 15 with my sister’s friend at a family party – she seduced me!
  • The sensation of driving a car for the very first time
  • Having a street fight with one arm; someone tried to rob me, but all they got was an empty wallet and a busted nose for their troubles (if it happened today with sharp weapons being the tool of combat) I may not be here right now
  • Winning a national team dance competiton, we all fully lost it!!
  • Performing on stage in Milan with Renato Raschel (he of solo mio fame) aged 20
  • Discovering love in Italy with my dance partner Kerry Moore aged 20; we should be together today, but…
  • Leaving home, watching my parents sadness and buying a home aged 23
  • Having my first born aged 27, now Mrs Kyla Frye-Onilude
  • Joining a vocal quartet and traveling the world aged 31, who’s founder died in March last year RIP, and then traveling the world as a solo artist mid 30s
  • Travelling to Kenya with my 2nd daughter who’s nickname is Cocky, who I love dearly, an experience that I will happily take to my grave – 3 safaris in two weeks, the TV doesn’t capture the majesty of the animal kingdom whatsoever
  • Losing my grandson to cot death; no words can describe that tragic experience. RIP
  • Incorporating my first company late 30s, but with the wrong people
  • Earning a six figure salary as a member of the Board of Directors at a computer services enterprise
  • Flying to Manhattan a month before 9/11 and visited the Windows of the World restaurant at the top of the World Trade Centre. Timing and all that
  • Losing my old man in 2008 to leukaemia in just 4 days, my mentor!
  • My now 5 year old grandson, a talent  coming to your screens in the not too distant future; mark my words
  • Witnessing and being part of my daughter’s glorious wedding just last August, man she was incredibly beautiful on the day just as she was at her birth

One of my, if not the most cherished memory, was being able to translate a letter from Spanish into English for my mother, and watched the pride on her face as I did so.

Now, I have much to look forward to, living in the Mediterranean, watching my G’son grow up, and possibly others on the way too; and making the right choices and being with the right people in doing the right things, at the planned time.

Live n Love

My dog Louie, he was a character!




What will be yours?

Seriously, think about it, how do you want others to think of you after you’ve moved on to your world of spirit. I know not of all you readers will believe in the after life, but I do, and for justifiable reasons, too any things happen in my experience that just shouldn’t or couldn’t, but did.

Back to my Q.

My legacy? I’d like to think of my legacy as someone who has always sought to leave a lasting positive impression on people whenever it is possible to do so.

I also take chances, go to places, and do things where most of my peers may be reluctant to do or go- I label this as a means to nurture self-growth.

I would also like to think that I am someone with a rich sense of humour, I like to laugh a lot… and dance!

I am also someone who is not afraid to cry in public; I like to think that this means I am in tune with the feelings of others and myself, and free to publicly sympathise or empathise emotionally without feeling embarrassed.

I also know that I am old school in terms of values and tradition – good manners, speaking when spoken to, try to be honest though failing sometimes, being silent when needed, dressing smart in public, smiling or saying hello to strangers from whatever background or hue etc.

Most of all, I like to think that I am someone who provokes inner reflection, trigger the non typical thought process in others, inspires, motivates and empowers.

Of course it sound like I am Mr. Perfect, but as you look back through this site, I also acknowledge my failings, and said failings are embraced, so that I limit the potential to repeat them.

Legacy. When I visit a cemetery I spend time reading what’s written on the headstones.

There are those, whose stones demand a read, are surrounded in flowers, gifts and cards, clearly displaying immense respect and love – and sadly there are those that seem to reflect outwardly on whether the deceased was ever loved at all or had anyone who cared.

Interesting right?

Hmm, perhaps I think too much.