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The Great Grandmother of all Fairytales!

Well what can I say, I gave my daughter away to a man who as sure as I am alive today, he will be beside her, behind her and deep deep within her heart.

They’re now on their own journey of self discovery, one which may reveal cracks along the way, but with love and commitment they will for sure both overcome even the greatest of STORMS!

I really must remark on just how extraordinarily beautiful my daughter looked, sometimes I just need to thank the universe and all that the forces for good keeps blessing me with.

I cannot be more proud to have enabled a life to be filled with the realisation of a cherished fairytale, one that my daughter will nurture and grow, with intelligence and undiluted focus.

To Mr. Marcus Onilude & Mrs. Kyla Frye-Onilude.

Stay united, stay composed through challenges, stay grounded, be joyous in whatever you both do, stay committed to your own deity, build your life on love, peace and balance in all things.

From your Poppa and Father in-Law.

And remember this…






Words & Sincerity

How many of you have met someone who will declare ‘You must come and visit one day!’ or agree to YOUR proposition, without really intending to follow through on that agreement.

Arguably more serious perhaps… how many people do you know that will look into someone’s or your eyes and declare ‘I Love You’, or as someone I recently experienced while clinking a glass of bubbly, ‘Friends for Life’ … or ‘I DO… for better and for worse’, or I HATE YOU!

What someone says isn’t insignificant, every word (written and spoken) sent to someone open to listening or reading, will have an impact. Depending on the character of the listener or reader, words may traumatize, or relieve – but an impact will be made.


People will declare you a friend, but the meaning of ‘friend’ is often like love a throw away term, frequently used as a control tool.

Its unblemished meaning in someone is increasingly rare indeed in our westernised, materialistic, I want and expect it now world.

As a result, more of us see words as just words, what really defines someone, is not what they say, it is what they do, how they treat you.

I can’t deny that I fall into this category, but I will always give someone a chance (we are all likely from time to time to make errors of judgment) should their first two attempts at sincerity not transpire; however there is very unlikely to be third opportunity with me; won’t say never, but very unlikely.

It may be me, but sincerity even if said or acted in difficult back against the wall circumstances is precious, it’s like a shard of light, perfect in every way!

The only thing is, we’re not so perfect, not me and not you – so who’s pointing that accusing finger out there? Come on, own up!

So how do we know when someone is ‘real’ as we say, well we go full circle back to the actions speak louder than words adage.

It’s the only genuine measurement (mistakes included) we have immediately at our disposal.



A world of 3 year olds… what a thought!

It seems to me that there’s a wave of darkness sweeping across our planet, infecting many of us ‘so-called’ human beings. The number of quite horrendous incidents that are being broadcast and being described in the news reels no longer leaves me shocked; such is the frequency of such dreadful news!

This morning I was thinking, what if our life span ended during our 3rd year… think about it, if we only got to live to three years old, none of the horrible outcomes associated with Mankind would materialise.

We would wake up from a deep sleep, and can’t wait for what the new day holds. We would not think about race, religion, sex, wealth, drugs, HATE and child abuse would be unknown! 3 year olds

We would just want to run around without a care in the world, laugh a lot, make friends instantly no matter who they are, and what they looked like, or how they sounded, we would have the joy of life, nothing more nothing less, our Birth Right indeed.

Our animal kingdom would flourish, no more needless slaughter of our great beasts, our climate would be stable, OK, it’s a little utopian I grant you that, there has to be someone or something to offer some sort of control – but look, if I could be transported to this world for just one day, I would relish the opportunity.

To be with or not to be with…

When someone causes you emotional hurt, it isn’t always easy to turn the page,  particularly when you naturally have a good heart.

Letting go and making profound mental changes does not happen instantaneously; some of us will need trustworthy support, while others may seek the mental exit through comfort food eating, promiscuity and other tangible highs like booze and drugs.

For many of us, it’s seems wiser to remain solo than to become emotionally involved with someone – with all the accessories which usually accompanies such unions.

Yet we are social creatures and interaction on a meaningful level is essential for our overall health.

Get it right, and it’s a wonderful thing, get it wrong which most of us will, and well, I don’t need to say, you already know.


Time to move on?

Well from 1 to 12, if any are a repetitive experience, then it may be a good idea to find a better life.

There’s no question that for many of us, relationships require a concerted effort to keep that fire burning; but in truth if this for you is a regular requirement, then you’re probably not compatible.

Tolerance will likely be in short supply, particularly if you’ve entered a new relationship from one where 1-12 was prevalent.

The pre-eminent challenge is to not let your past pains negatively impact your future gains – we all know this is easier said than done don’t we?

Relationships is not only about caring and sharing, it’s also about planning and managing.

To be fair, it can also be mentally and physically exhausting with the wrong chemistry.

Above all else, it should be about honest and open communication, underpinned with mutual respect, whilst allowing each other to grow independently, within a loving, joyful, trusting union.

When you find, or if you already have that special someone ______________________ fill in the blank and express what it means to you, and every now and then, just glance at it, it could prove to be the difference between enjoying a deep loving relationship or another episode of that popular soap opera, called ‘here we go again’.

12 signs – credit to Celine Chua




Today is a special day.

Today if my late mother was here with her loved ones, she would be celebrating her 100th birthday with us.

She was known to her peers and those who grew up with her in the tiny island of Montserrat, as Queen. The reasons are many, one was that she was particularly beautiful, but more than that, she toiled the land from sun rise and to sun set on her own on behalf of her family. Did all she can to enable her children to have a balanced and enriched life.

I was connected to her emotionally and spiritually. If she cried, I cried even though I wasn’t aware that she was crying.

She was short and feisty, could sing like an angel, and lived her life through Jesus Christ.

Some of you know that in a past life I was an entertainer. I started in dance, then dabbled in acting and then moved on to singing for a living.

I want to recall a deep meaningful experience for you that for me remains a powerful testament of my bond with her.

I was performing in a play in Italy, I had just finished one act and returned to the wings. I suddenly for no apparent reason whatsoever, burst into tears, uncontrollable tears… my fellow actors tried to console me, but to no avail. They asked me what was wrong, but I had no answer.

The following morning I received correspondence from my sister. The note read, ‘mum’s gone!’ My heart broke and fell out of my chest. I immediately made plans to fly home to be with my family.

I kept reading the note over and over again on my flight home. When I returned home the sadness was palpable.

I eventually was told of the time of her death.

Dear reader, the time of my mother’s death, was the exact same time that I burst into tears back stage over 1200 miles away.

My Queen risked her and my life giving birth to me at the mature age of 42. I was born on the Christian day of Good Friday, her last born – she always told me that as I was special. I know why she would have believed that.

Her memory was needlessly stained when someone that I was committed to felt the need to make disparaging remarks about her, and that is despite never having met or known her – this person too is a mother… incomprehensible, frankly evil, and unforgiveable. Karma my friends.

Yesterday I had to attend to her resting place, and also visit an area of London where my memory of her remains to this day prominent; Portobello Road Market.

What more can I say?

Happy 100th Birthday, I love you, miss you… I AM YOU x


My Queen with my niece.