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Give a little, take a little…

I’m a strong believer in the law of reciprocity; I’ve written about this a few years ago on this site.

Perhaps, you’ve not seen it, but it’s all about giving and receiving; the more you give the more you will receive not always immediately but it will happen, be sure about that dear reader. 

If I’m asked to help, even if it’s a relatively easy thing to do, whether they do in return or not, I will help. I’m not selfish, but if there’s someone who needs support, or wants something done, and I can deliver, I’ll do it, even if it puts my agenda out of kilter.

We’re all set in our ways, some of us can be bothered, while others may choose not to be bothered, even if it’s someone they care about, however we are all imperfect, so no blame is attached

For the most part, many of us will come to someone’s aid, if they need it, that’s the good side (as the courageous police officer in California did and lost his life as a result) while others will get their cell phones out and video or take pictures of the incident. 

Giving is important, as is receiving, and acknowledging when you are given something with the words Thank You, is also important, it creates an energy that aligns with the laws of the universe. 

Today is Armistice day, 100 years following the end of the 1st world war in November 11 1918, many of the millions that have died (I believe in the after life) during this terrible period in human history, across the entire planet aren’t even aware of what they have done for us, so I thank them all, but we as humans really must learn from our past mistakes. 

So, let’s give a little and take a little, be it a smile at a stranger, or when someone’s asks you to help, do not hesitate… these actions are always rewarded in some way, shape or form. 

Live n love always, particularly today! 



Don’t allow anyone who you regard as an ‘earth angel’ out of your life

Now most of us are good people, we all want the same thing….

A good life, quality food on the table, see our children thrive, our parents grow old gracefully, our friends remain loyal, chase and secure that dream job or career, have an annual vacation at the very least, travel the world and engage in foreign cultures, that special person that we just can’t live without.

Yes as the saying goes, ‘we have much more in common, than what divides us’, yet more often than not, we focus on what divides us. As demonstrated in my previous blog post, do you buy music before hearing it first? It’s an analogy, but you get the point right!

I have just spent 8 hours across 2 days, supporting a leader of people, who just cannot lead. He cracks the whip like he is in a circus, he shouts, he scorns, he demoralisies his charges, and yet he expects them to give him respect.

As we know, respect works both ways, even more so in a team environment.

Even with me, he behaves in an unsatisfactory manner, but I refuse to accept his ingrained bully like behaviour, so I continue to remind him, that the reason he has such high staff turnover, is due to his behaviour.

Perhaps I was sent to be the earth angel in his life, maybe he will change his behaviour so his public image improves and people will respect him, not because he demands it, but more like a instinctive response to his newly formed characteristics. Let’s hope so.

I suspect deep down he is a good man, but we all have a journey that will have an subconscious effect on our lives right?

So I will give him the benefit of the doubt. We all have more in common… 

The point of this blog is to embrace and not judge, to listen and not talk over, to forgive, but never forget, to change and not stagnate, to achieve and not procrastinate, to help and not walk by, to love without conditions, I could go on….
Yes this is my definition of an Earth Angel, there aren’t that many people who you come across in life, (even those in your family included), that can be defined like this.

We all have our faults some more than others, so we must give some space or flexibility where possible, but there’ll be limits, we need to love and respect ourselves first, before we can show love and respect. There are limits people!

So dear reader, do try in this hostile environment, try and be an Earth Angel whenever and wherever you can. 

Live n love always


Knowing who matters, matters!

How many times have you given your precious time, the resources of your mind, and your caring emotions to people that have no intention or interest in returning your selflessness?

Not a pleasant experience right?

If this is something that you’ve experienced, or living through as you read this blog, here’s vital information that may help you to change your approach; put sweetly and profoundly into words…


Weekend ♡

Big Picture Mentality…

It is clear to me, that so many of us spend our waking lives wanting to be happy, wanting to feel pleasure, wanting to feel good about the imminent future, would love a BIG HUG!

Many of us too want to have our say, want people to behave just so, need to feel in control.

It is also clear to me, that the latter qualities often undermine the former. I have highlighted the control factor, because it is arguably the biggest cause of human misery.

For example, when two people have differing views, it highly likely one or both will want their view or opinion to dominate. But what if one concedes to the other, is this such a bad thing? Sometimes strength is amplified in giving way! Particularly when the other party waits in anticipation of a reaction.

When one feels the need to control, whether it is to control a person, themselves or the events around them, it is likely that the big picture is cast aside in favour of the minute pixels on the screen.

Life to me is like a giant and continuously morphing giant jigsaw… everyday when we’re blessed to wake up to another day, there’s a piece of this jigsaw waiting to be discovered. The trick is, not losing focus on the big picture; why?

Jigsaw of LifeWell if you do not know what the big picture looks like, if you can’t feel, hear, smell and taste it, then you will never be able to find that essential piece to add to the glorious big picture written large in your name.

How do you know when that esential piece of puzzle is present? There are three indicators… 1) you hear the silent voice in your head warning you about something, or directing you to do something. 2) a series of unexplained and unexpected events, actions or behaviours happen around you, and finally 3) a vivid dream turns into reality.

The first is clear, heed the message. The latter two requires open deep thinking; but each are offering clues if not clear pointers of what you should do immediately.

We all have a sense of what micro management feels like… yeah, it is one of my pet hates too; micro management has the effect of squeezing the air out of creativity, free thinking and vision. It is frankly one of the most annoying experiences known to any employee or worker. A micro manager does not see the big picture and will ultimately fail in their attempt to get things done the right way, if at all.

Do not micro manage your life, in fact do not attempt or wish to micro manage anyone.

Our birth right is to explore, create, discover, share, give, take, laugh, make mistakes, fail, rise, fall, grow, cry, aspire, inspire, believe, hope, motivate…. we can of course continue to add to this list, What is so interesting about a birth right list, is that there is no single quality that speaks exclusively for the ‘big picture’; focus on one quality, and you will walk blindly down a narrowing and increasingly darkening cul-de-sac!

In my work, I see this lack of big picture mentality almost everyday, whether it is in someone’s personal life or in their careers. Make no mistake, it locks out opportunity and halts forward momentum.

Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day… it is a time for love and lovers, a time to flirt, and a time for romance. It is a time for pleasure in one form or another. So if you’re lucky to have that significant other in your life, I suggest that you keep your senses peeled for that available, ‘I am over here’ piece of puzzle to add to your Cupid picture.

Relationships, what gives?

Recently I have worked with people (women) that are at a cross-road in their relationships. The theme is pretty much the same. A lack of trust, lack of loyalty and their world no longer rocks! The other theme that underpins the dialogue is a CRY for help; a genuine attempt to find a solution, and to save all what has been achieved together – even more so where there are children involved.

And yet, there is also for the most part a sense from all the subjects a ‘knowing’ that a leopard very rarely goes from spots to stripes, which in turn drives a reluctant need to look towards greener grass. We all know that the proverbial grass over there is rarely greener don’t we?

It seems to me that the old school values of my parents generation no longer holds sway. The ‘Till death do us part’ conditioning seems out of kilter with our 21st century if it ain’t working get rid culture. Our level of tolerance seems to be lower than those hailing from a more romantic era.

Some men will argue that the relationship dynamics have changed. Today’s women no longer consider themselves the weaker sex, they see themselves as often doing as much if not more than their male partners professionally and stereotypically, domestically. I would probably remark here that I am guessing that these factors may be less prominent in same-sex relationships (though I have not researched whether this is the case).

My conversations very often show another theme. This is where the subjects tend to focus on the relatively small percentage of things that they don’t like, and not the overwhelmingly positive things that they do! Tolerance, what tolerance!

Again I put this down to the instant gratification culture that we now live in. If a need isn’t satisfied in the tiniest of timelines, well all hell will break loose. Add this to the accompanying ’emotional decision making’ that will often precede or follow the gratification void, and you have a destructive cocktail that will only amplify the negatives rather than the positives that would manifest if only either party would be mature enough and choose to count to 10 and beyond and looked on the bright side of life.

When I think of my own parents, I know that at times they really did not like each other. Love is another matter of course, but if you don’t like someone, you rarely don’t want to have anything to do with that person. Yet, my parents never slept apart; they woke up together and at the end of the day, they retired together. The only time they didn’t or rather couldn’t was when one or other was on holiday, in hospital, and eventually when their time was up; yes till death they did part.

So here are 10 tips on what one could do to retrieve and reignite the dying embers of a relationship.

1. Recognise that the relationship breakdown didn’t happen by accident; it was either cultivated or neglected.

2. If you intend to make a key decision; insure you do so without the dreaded negative emotion. Often when a relationship is no longer satisfying, your raw emotion will not be reflecting rays of sunshine and royal blue skies.

3. Communicate, talk. Don’t sulk, do not accuse or finger point and avoid the blame game.

4. Do not involve other members of the extended family if possible. Should either party give their version of the story, it will likely be done so to covet support, seek sympathy or set up an alliance. This will serve to make matters worse.

5. Behaviours will have brought you to this point. Review your behaviours. Take responsibility. Should you have done something different? It is also likely that to have seemingly reached a point of no return, you should be able to use memory recall and find a pattern, a repetition of actions and choices that you have taken, or have accepted over time.

6. Remember there is more that unites you than divides you. Adopt the half-full approach always.

7. Do something special; surprise your partner with something that you know will make them happy; a hug, a night out, their favourite tipple, force them to look at you with the eyes that carried all that original excitement.

8. Are you really ready to start over? What does that look like across your life chart?

9. The grass is rarely greener over the fence.

10. If things really are at crisis point,Keep Calm It's Not You It's Me seek professional advice.

The Law of Reciprocation

Our lives are a constant statement of reciprocation and balance.

We show kindness, we receive gratitude…

I give, you receive…

We believe strongly enough, our belief transpires…

By acknowledging our failings, we can appreciate our strengths…

You harbour bitterness and vengeance, hurt and isolation will encase you…

Let go of your past, and the future glow of opportunity will await you…

Someone laughs uncontrollably, you too will raise a smile…

We show the door to evil, and only good will come knocking…

And thought inevitably leads to action…

Today choose to LIVE the Law of Reciprocation.