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Want it – say it. Need it – get it. Love it – show it.

We’re a strange species are we not? I am often confounded and astounded by the things we do.

So many of us are living a life of undesired discontent, not happy, no idea of how things will transpire in the short or mid-term.

Yet we still have the ultimate power of choice, do we not? 

It’s a paradox right? We have the power to choose and yet so many of us do not make the right choices. Why is that? Lack of knowledge or experience…  fear or perceived expectations perhaps?

Well I have a theoryI believe that many of us don’t choose for ourselves, we actually make choices based on what we think we should do, what the media tells us to do, what others are doing, what is hip and trendy, what emotions we are feeling at any one time... am I making sense?

When we are young, most choices are instinctive. Yet somewhere between those early years and adulthood, the internal lines of nature becomes blurred with the external lines of expectation and what drives the ego; and of course with ego, there’s a downside; unfulfillment.


So how do we get what we want, achieve our needs, and find that rare form of unconditional love?

Some advice…

It all stems from what you want, what you need and what you love.

What do you want for you? What do you need for you? What do you want to love, and who do you want to love?

Quite honestly, we do make so many decisions in our lives complicated, needlessly I might add. Keep things simple.

All things in life requires effort and to some degree, necessary planning and a set of realizable aims.

So what are your aims?

Start with the end in mind, how do you plan to realize those aims; work backwards. What tools, resources and choices are needed to make your aims come into fruition – yes there’s a need for effort, application and a positive mental attitude, yet none of us could walk without falling down countless times as toddlers. So effort and motivation is inherent in our psyche and human nature.

Therefore effort and motivation must be and will be your twin partners in life, draw on them both; it’s a bottomless resource, ready and waiting to be unlocked and deployed; if we only choose to call on and apply them. Find it!

Life as we know isn’t easy, so much of what we do is impacted by external and internal factors that can affect our lives in ways that we have little or no control over, but we still do have the ultimate POWER OF CHOICE, and with it, a myriad of outcomes and consequences.

Choose wisely! 





Self sabotage

Self sabotage… we all do it.

There’s something we should do, want to do, yet we don’t or won’t do.

Sometimes it’s out of fear, sometimes it’s over thinking, sometimes we under estimate ourselves and sometimes we have grown so used to our comfort zone that we believe change just isn’t necessary; well “not right now!”.

We all like to feel appreciated right? It’s a wonderful feeling.

Do you know the easiest way of receiving appreciation is to give it?

In fact, if I tell someone I appreciate them, it seems to carry more value, meaning and power, than if I said I love them.

Lets face it, the word love is thrown around like confetti…one can go from love, to dislike and outright hatred in a heart beat.

The people who achieve the most are those who dare the most – #fact

You want to live the life of your dreams, then throw caution to the wind and be bold, be audacious, and set your mind free!!

You are in complete control of your life, you must believe that. Every single decision you make has a consequence.

Decide on what consequence you want and execute that critical decision to make it happen.

Tuesday blessings.