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Rules for Life #45 The Magic…

Have you read the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne?

Well it focuses on GRATITUDE

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Gratitude is not really prevalent in our lives, it is all about gain, gain and more gain.

Whether you are right now going through a crisis, or you are lying on a pristine beach in paradise, you have to and must give gratitude always!

As you know, my parents ‘RIP’ were both illiterate, neither could read or write effectively, so more often than not, I would have to drive miles to their home to complete forms, or to write letters for them, but it is they that put me through school (wearing second hand clothes), to learn how to read and write, so I have an immense amount of gratitude and love for them.

I recently flew into London, and my first stop was at their resting place (something I always do when I visit my home town)… even though I don’t live in the UK, when I got there it was just as I left it two Augusts ago… the flowers were wilted and weeds had grown to such an extent, it blocked the site of the stone. So with little tools, I took some toilet tissue from the lavatory, borrowed a watering can to clean up the stone, and pulled up heaps of weeds, and before arriving at the cemetry I bought some flowers and made it more presentable; it is likely that I will have to do the same again when I return once more… but here’s the thing, I wouldn’t be in the position to clean up the stone if it were not for them.. so gratitude is sent again.

Many of us think negatively, partly because we’re bombarded on a daily basis with so much negativity, with little trust and integrity we take to the world in fear of what might happen to us. Now I am not one of those, but whenever I step outside and walk the streets, I can see fear or reticence in the eyes of others, I specialise in body language.

Gratitude fills us with hope, humility, and grace… it also provides us with a invaluable perspective, that when you see what happens around the world to those who are in a far worse position than we are, then this should promote gratitude and not fear! 

I like to be around people who wake up and take to life in a positive manner, despite their woes and burdens, and we all have burdens, but it is how you deal with or respond to your burdens that can make the difference to enabling failure or success in your life.

I have been through a great deal of woes in recent years, but when I step outside, I always say hello to strangers (I have a presence about me), even if they don’t reciprocate… it does not matter, because doing so is very rare indeed.

This is who I am.

I have a life, I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk, I can pray, I can read, I can write, I can love, I can think, I can be empowered to change the lives or attitudes of others…

This is who I am.

My overall aim is to be content with Life, but to create plans and make choices to be even more content with my Life and the lives of others too… my mother always used to say ‘don’t be happy John, be content’ and this has been my mantra every single second of my conscious life, seeking contentment and not happiness, and gratitude is the overwhelming and unlimited fuel from which contentment can be achieved.

So dear reader, all 6,300 of you, do please embrace and show GRATITUDE at all times, gratitude fills you with joy and provides you with inner contentment and peace of mind.

Also, and this is very important, please no matter what happens, always always say THANK YOU!!!








Brown grass…

By Gregory Porter.

It is easy in a world where most of us are never or rarely satisfied, to overlook what we have and just how far we have come.

It’s easy to overlook the 90%, focus on the 10%, give up and move on.

Not being satisfied if used for motivation, is a good thing, it offers one drive and the desire to reach that key goal, however if used for greed and gain underpinned with insecurity and how others may be thinking, well that’s another matter entirely.

If you’re instinct is telling you this doesn’t feel right, then act, instinct is your real self.


If you are on the other hand comparing yourselves to material images, icons or what others may judge you by, well again, that’s another matter entirely.

The vast majority of us are in a better place than 2/3rd of the world’s population, only in our consumer driven, glossy image and money orientated world, this just is not enough right?

So many of us do not sleep well enough, because after putting your heavy head on your soft pillow, in just 5-6-7-8 hours, the next day is where you will walk on the glorious and inherited stage of life, and that’s where you are exposed to all manner of threats, comparisons and judgments, and in order to compete, we think short term, what do I need to look like today? What gadget should I have in my possession? Who should I associate myself with or to?

We will often cut our nose off to spite our face, very often for no justifiable reason or rational unemotional cause. Following which, as time continues to move on and on, and when we look back, the reflection is a disturbing FACE PALM, SHAKE MY HEAD moment; an action that we look back on with regret, but as you know I espouse that regrets are necessary, without regrets, we will never become wise.

So the grass you’re standing on is green, now of course there may well be greener grass some where, but it can take a series of regrets to find it, if you have the desire to experience regrets that’s great, even though I know that regrets are necessary, it really isn’t that pleasant is it?

So here’s Mr.G Porter to serenade us out into the weekend.

Live n Love


Forever thankful…

Sometimes we forget just how fortunate we are. I don’t take my life for granted; no sir!

What I experience is of my choosing, sure… but to have good health, an education, to have been raised with sound values, to have followers and readers of this blog; yes you! A roof over my head, clean water, my senses, friends (you know who you are) and a f♥mily too – well I’m truly blessed.



Tis the Season to be Jolly…?

So here we are again, another year has zipped by and for a period of just days, we turn our minds to being what we should all be for all those other days that are not marked by the annual calendar celebration of the birth of Christ.

When you look backwards to the year just past, have you seriously lived the Christian way? Seriously, have you? But you will be celebrating right? Have you tripped up over those very explicit 10 commandments; indeed will you immediately following the opening of those expected presents and eating and drinking to excess, continue to flout the basic yet fundamental Christian values handed down by Jesus Christ and his disciples throughout 2015?

Will you stop by and give a few spare pennies to those homeless and sleeping rough in the winter cold on benches and shop entrances? Or will you just walk on by?

Will you choose to admit to all those you have hurt or crossed over the past 11.5 months that you were wrong and apologise, or will you suppress your yuletide spirit in the face of the demand of demonstrating goodwill to all men?

I know there are many of us that find this Christmas festival as nothing more than one big facade, an excuse to get drunk, invite him or her (who you don’t really like) over just once a year, spend way more than one can afford… while at the same time never step foot in a church, never say grace at the dining table, use profanity as if you were screaming against the opposing team on the football terraces, will find reason(s) for creating drama or worse!

When you see the followers of non-Christian festivals, you will see that many do so with their hearts and minds… not just once a year, not for personal gain, or pleasure, many live their faith and festivals as if it was the very air that they breathe.

Tis the Season to be jolly? Well it should be; it should be because what Jesus represented was quite simply GOOD.

Like so many before and after him, if you represent GOOD, you are not one of us mere mortals with flaws, you are a threat and we need to eliminate you. Consequently Easter in the Christian calendar is even more important in relation to Christmas Day, because here was a spiritually good man, selfless, lived agape love, who for no other reason than trying to improve lives, was slain on the cross and then rose up to save us all.

Now if there was ever a reason to look back at your past year and reflect, it should be for this reason alone.

If you cannot bring your mind and thoughts to thinking; you know what, that guy Jesus died on the cross for us, HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US! That’s some sacrifice!!

So in turn, what will you sacrifice? The turkey, the whisky, your favourite soap on TV, the cream cake? Are you willing to be humble and say, look this guy Jesus was born to save us, every one of us from ourselves; we’re all sinners after all, so I will look at those whom I have hurt, pointed an accusing finger at and treated badly, look them in the eye and say I have the spirit of Christ within me, and just as Jesus called out to forgive them Father because they know not what they do, as his earthly life drained from him, I can at the very least say sorry to you.

I ask this, will 2015 be identical to 2014 until those few days in December? It’s a powerful Q, one to be taken seriously.

Is Christ’s Mass about Jesus Christ where you can take the opportunity to embrace his teachings, turn that critical page and reflect on what Jesus represented, or is it simply about yourHmm... Happy Holidays?

You and yours have a blessed, spiritual, peaceful and judgement free Christmas celebration.