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Don’t allow anyone who you regard as an ‘earth angel’ out of your life

Now most of us are good people, we all want the same thing….

A good life, quality food on the table, see our children thrive, our parents grow old gracefully, our friends remain loyal, chase and secure that dream job or career, have an annual vacation at the very least, travel the world and engage in foreign cultures, that special person that we just can’t live without.

Yes as the saying goes, ‘we have much more in common, than what divides us’, yet more often than not, we focus on what divides us. As demonstrated in my previous blog post, do you buy music before hearing it first? It’s an analogy, but you get the point right!

I have just spent 8 hours across 2 days, supporting a leader of people, who just cannot lead. He cracks the whip like he is in a circus, he shouts, he scorns, he demoralisies his charges, and yet he expects them to give him respect.

As we know, respect works both ways, even more so in a team environment.

Even with me, he behaves in an unsatisfactory manner, but I refuse to accept his ingrained bully like behaviour, so I continue to remind him, that the reason he has such high staff turnover, is due to his behaviour.

Perhaps I was sent to be the earth angel in his life, maybe he will change his behaviour so his public image improves and people will respect him, not because he demands it, but more like a instinctive response to his newly formed characteristics. Let’s hope so.

I suspect deep down he is a good man, but we all have a journey that will have an subconscious effect on our lives right?

So I will give him the benefit of the doubt. We all have more in common… 

The point of this blog is to embrace and not judge, to listen and not talk over, to forgive, but never forget, to change and not stagnate, to achieve and not procrastinate, to help and not walk by, to love without conditions, I could go on….
Yes this is my definition of an Earth Angel, there aren’t that many people who you come across in life, (even those in your family included), that can be defined like this.

We all have our faults some more than others, so we must give some space or flexibility where possible, but there’ll be limits, we need to love and respect ourselves first, before we can show love and respect. There are limits people!

So dear reader, do try in this hostile environment, try and be an Earth Angel whenever and wherever you can. 

Live n love always



Rules for Life #45 The Magic…

Have you read the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne?

Well it focuses on GRATITUDE

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Gratitude is not really prevalent in our lives, it is all about gain, gain and more gain.

Whether you are right now going through a crisis, or you are lying on a pristine beach in paradise, you have to and must give gratitude always!

As you know, my parents ‘RIP’ were both illiterate, neither could read or write effectively, so more often than not, I would have to drive miles to their home to complete forms, or to write letters for them, but it is they that put me through school (wearing second hand clothes), to learn how to read and write, so I have an immense amount of gratitude and love for them.

I recently flew into London, and my first stop was at their resting place (something I always do when I visit my home town)… even though I don’t live in the UK, when I got there it was just as I left it two Augusts ago… the flowers were wilted and weeds had grown to such an extent, it blocked the site of the stone. So with little tools, I took some toilet tissue from the lavatory, borrowed a watering can to clean up the stone, and pulled up heaps of weeds, and before arriving at the cemetry I bought some flowers and made it more presentable; it is likely that I will have to do the same again when I return once more… but here’s the thing, I wouldn’t be in the position to clean up the stone if it were not for them.. so gratitude is sent again.

Many of us think negatively, partly because we’re bombarded on a daily basis with so much negativity, with little trust and integrity we take to the world in fear of what might happen to us. Now I am not one of those, but whenever I step outside and walk the streets, I can see fear or reticence in the eyes of others, I specialise in body language.

Gratitude fills us with hope, humility, and grace… it also provides us with a invaluable perspective, that when you see what happens around the world to those who are in a far worse position than we are, then this should promote gratitude and not fear! 

I like to be around people who wake up and take to life in a positive manner, despite their woes and burdens, and we all have burdens, but it is how you deal with or respond to your burdens that can make the difference to enabling failure or success in your life.

I have been through a great deal of woes in recent years, but when I step outside, I always say hello to strangers (I have a presence about me), even if they don’t reciprocate… it does not matter, because doing so is very rare indeed.

This is who I am.

I have a life, I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk, I can pray, I can read, I can write, I can love, I can think, I can be empowered to change the lives or attitudes of others…

This is who I am.

My overall aim is to be content with Life, but to create plans and make choices to be even more content with my Life and the lives of others too… my mother always used to say ‘don’t be happy John, be content’ and this has been my mantra every single second of my conscious life, seeking contentment and not happiness, and gratitude is the overwhelming and unlimited fuel from which contentment can be achieved.

So dear reader, all 6,300 of you, do please embrace and show GRATITUDE at all times, gratitude fills you with joy and provides you with inner contentment and peace of mind.

Also, and this is very important, please no matter what happens, always always say THANK YOU!!!







Brown grass…

By Gregory Porter.

It is easy in a world where most of us are never or rarely satisfied, to overlook what we have and just how far we have come.

It’s easy to overlook the 90%, focus on the 10%, give up and move on.

Not being satisfied if used for motivation, is a good thing, it offers one drive and the desire to reach that key goal, however if used for greed and gain underpinned with insecurity and how others may be thinking, well that’s another matter entirely.

If you’re instinct is telling you this doesn’t feel right, then act, instinct is your real self.


If you are on the other hand comparing yourselves to material images, icons or what others may judge you by, well again, that’s another matter entirely.

The vast majority of us are in a better place than 2/3rd of the world’s population, only in our consumer driven, glossy image and money orientated world, this just is not enough right?

So many of us do not sleep well enough, because after putting your heavy head on your soft pillow, in just 5-6-7-8 hours, the next day is where you will walk on the glorious and inherited stage of life, and that’s where you are exposed to all manner of threats, comparisons and judgments, and in order to compete, we think short term, what do I need to look like today? What gadget should I have in my possession? Who should I associate myself with or to?

We will often cut our nose off to spite our face, very often for no justifiable reason or rational unemotional cause. Following which, as time continues to move on and on, and when we look back, the reflection is a disturbing FACE PALM, SHAKE MY HEAD moment; an action that we look back on with regret, but as you know I espouse that regrets are necessary, without regrets, we will never become wise.

So the grass you’re standing on is green, now of course there may well be greener grass some where, but it can take a series of regrets to find it, if you have the desire to experience regrets that’s great, even though I know that regrets are necessary, it really isn’t that pleasant is it?

So here’s Mr.G Porter to serenade us out into the weekend.

Live n Love


3 steps to better people skills

Getting through life as we all know is tough at the best of times, but one way to smooth the way forward, is bullet proof effective people skills. Whether in a professional environment or a domestic one, getting along with people from all walks of life is vital for a contented and successful life.

We must accept that none of us are born with natural people skills, we are taught and some of us are taught better than others. Ownership of a toy between two toddlers could spiral out of control, it’s incumbent on someone with a little more knowledge to demonstrate give and take and the rules regarding reciprocation.

1st.   There’s nothing more attractive than good manners. Traditional habits are dwindling. Saying ‘thank you, ‘good morning/afternoon/evening/night’, ‘let me do that for you’ ‘how are you?’ etc,. Also allowing someone to speak without interruption I consider to be good manners – being able to listen for many is very attractive, particularly when someone has something important to say. Looking directly into someone eyes when being spoken to is both critical in business and in intimate relationships.

Physical things like opening doors, giving way, forming an orderly queue, taking your head wear off in a place of worship, dressing appropriately for the environment that one is sharing, giving up a seat for someone who clearly needs it, using appropriate language, helping someone in need… and behavioural things like being humble and showing gratitude.

None of this is new to any of us right, however with much of the focus today is using digital devices and communicating virtually, plus my own observation that we’re increasingly becoming self-centred, money orientated and more guarded, the positive social attributes mentioned above much of the time do not reach our daily consciousness. 

2nd.   Laughter!! Humour always wins the day. Sadness isn’t a pleasant experience, but laughter is. A physiological diagnosis “Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.”

Laughter, even in a morose tension filled setting can and will remove stress and anxiety in an instant. Speaking directly to my male readers, we all know that one way to a woman’s heart or anyone’s heart is making them laugh. If you make a toddler laugh through some simple play, that child will keep repeating the act so that you can continue to make them laugh. We all know that eventually it will get tiresome. Laughter is not only addictive, it is contagious. You don’t need to know what the cause of the laughter is, but you in turn will at the very least smile.

A joke or lighthearted banter during a 1st time meeting can and will make you more likeable and smooth the way to that crucial deal or in getting hired. Not many people are attracted to someone who seems guarded or defensive.

In an intimate setting, when making love and something triggers a snigger, this will likely increase the loving bond on top of the necessary ecstasy.

3rd.   Mirror what you see (but don’t make it obvious). I made reference to appearing or being defensive in point 2. The opposite is being open and available. Being approachable is every sales or customer facing person’s necessary demeanour. How many times have you entered a store and no one even acknowledges you. Even if you have a body language of someone who looks unapproachable, or you fit a negative stereotype, that person who works there should at the very least attempt to disarm and welcome you.

Non verbal communication is just as important in business as it is in the home. No one likes to be made to feel that they could be walking on egg shells. Behaving unnaturally in a relationship is NOT GOOD, not replying, not hugging, not sitting together, not dining at the table, turning one’s back, not going to bed at the same time, no PDA… being manipulative, attempting to control another, wanting them to conform to a particular image or behaviour, all bad stuff.

If the person you are with has a passion, show interest. People like talking about themselves, believe me. Music and food are areas where you’re sure to find commonality. 

If someone who you are communicating with is sad, empathise, if they’re happy, acknowledge it, if they’re being serious or is concerned, listen intently and don’t interrupt. 

There’s clearly much more to people skills than I have highlighted here, there’s a glossary of information across the internet and in libraries, so swat up.

We can all do much better in applying effective people skills, it’s a learned tool that can optimise your career, your business, your love life, your social life, your family life and make your entire life so much more enjoyable.

Here’s an interesting link http://www.cacareercafe.com/people-skills/




Pic credit to the beehive Atlanta

Knowing who matters, matters!

How many times have you given your precious time, the resources of your mind, and your caring emotions to people that have no intention or interest in returning your selflessness?

Not a pleasant experience right?

If this is something that you’ve experienced, or living through as you read this blog, here’s vital information that may help you to change your approach; put sweetly and profoundly into words…


Weekend ♡