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Deception… is a wonderful word, but not a wonderful experience

We have this life, that I like to call a journey… we meet all sorts of people on the way, some are genuine, some are genuine and then they become unreliable, others are outright deceptive.

Most of us would prefer the former, and others can tolerate the unreliable, but most I would suggest, would not accept someone who is deceptive.

I fall into the latter category… as I suspect most of you would too!

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Once someone becomes deceptive, they are no longer on my journey.

It can take many years or sometimes instantly to discover someone who is deceptive, many relationships will reveal this, sure you can forgive, but what if there’s a pattern, once discerned, use the all-encompassing POWER of CHOICE and make the choice to not associate yourself with these people.

Live n Love always!