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Assume nothing, question everything

My precious time has over recent months been taken up with defending my personal reputation.

The experience was in my and many others opinion unjustified and when you consider the people who have sought to dent my reputation, strangely weird. This fight, went all the way to a Court of Law, yes you heard me, the halls of justice!

Why you may ask did I have to go through this unpleasant experience? Well I don’t know, and I mean I really don’t know. My instinct is to believe I failed to learn at an earlier juncture, so…

You may think that because I consistently promote good over evil, highlight right over wrong, and try to inspire those around me every day of my life, I may be in some way lower down the list of targets, but alas there are those that such qualities brings out the worse of human qualities, everything from lying, to spite and worse still; hatred, the nemesis of LOVE indeed.

There’s some history and it goes a long way back, but I don’t really want to out the person(s) that have caused my life to be thrown around like a small stone in a tin can, as I would only be imitating those perpetrators mindset, and I want to keep up my dignity and decorum that to be fair, I have at times struggled to do; but succeeded in doing throughout this awful pointless saga. Every time I felt like I was losing it, I thought of my daughters and what would they think if I did – I could not disgrace them or myself.

There’s anger felt by those that know me, my reputation, care for me and have seen my efforts and commitment given, but anger achieves nothing does it? It only serves to hurt the carrier more than the target of retribution. It ultimately makes one look like a fool and opens the door for more bad tidings.

Well I am now in something of a fermented pickle, as I say, my life has been turned upside down by people to whom I have contributed so much to enable a distinct elevation in their quality of life; everything from foods, music, home style, adult skills, places, assets and culture – gratitude is however not a quality that comes easily for these people sadly.

My staunch contribution, commitment and I must add tolerance would be considered hard currency by many, but as I said earlier, this experience/outcome offers no real rational explanation, it is just WEIRD!

Karma has already begun her work, and I hope just enough to teach. Just enough to stimulate self-reflection. Just enough to generate the smallest sense of contrition – I must hope.

I visited a church and prayed for their forgiveness, not because I feel hurt (though I do) or was seeking sympathy, but because I really don’t wish them undue harm, and I definitely don’t want my locked down primeval thoughts to bring bad karma my way.

If you should ask me to sum up my feelings, well based on the years passed, effort spent, and time shared, it would be one of deep and unlimited disappointment. The two missing qualities that was conspicuous by their absence in the halls of justice… Truth and Integrity 😦

I will take this learning experiencing, blend it into rich wisdom and put it to good use on behalf of those that really matter.

Life rarely fails to surprise does it? Be with me reader, be with me, I need your positive energy and thoughts!Morals and Religon 


Binary Values


I remain puzzled as why some people get a perverted sense of satisfaction when they choose to take advantage of someone whose trust (not naivete) leaves them unaware and unguarded.

To do something like that to anyone; particularly if trust was the bedrock of the relationship… well it is way below the belt and should be a criminal offence – and I’m not joking!

Taking ones trust and then throw a precious birthright like that slap bang back in the face? That’s nasty, I could use more demeaning words, but…

Where does this contorted sense of satisfaction come from? Where is it born? It borders on being a psychopath doesn’t it? Zero empathy!

Trust and Integrity are binary values for me, and along with Love and Loyalty, make up the four pillars of all good, deep and lasting relationships (human or animal).

Taking advantage of anyone whatever the circumstances, is just plain wrong on every level.

Do you know someone like this? If so, make sure those you know who instinctively embrace our birthright, know who these horrible people are too!

Let’s try to protect our good people!!


Life is a test; how strong a test is entirely due to the choices you make. During our waking hours, we can choose to  use all our energies into making the lives of others a more secure, enriched, loved and contented one.

We can also choose to be ignorant of the pains, trials, difficulties and injustices that so many of us have faced and may face again at some point or another during our waking lives.

Everyday we are learning of atrocities, wrongs and unimaginable acts taken by our fellow human beings that has I am sure, made many of us pray for a divine intervention. Pretty despairing stuff in truth.

There are also at the same time, many people living extraordinary feats of achievements, altruistic behaviours, and making a determined wish to make our Earth, and everything connected with her, one that during our waking and non waking hours we are able to find the deepest peace.

I think the real aim of humanity is not only to procreate, this is in our DNA. We possess masterful powers, powers that if so much of our world was able to talk to us (and it is already doing so) it will say, please be considered, please do not be selfish, please; we are all here to share this living planet, please have a conscience.

It is conscience that is the focus of today’s reflection; you see, we all have one, some of us have a conscience that all key life choices must first connect with, before action is taken.

This I suspect our interconnected living planet will approve of wholeheartedly. It is Responding to life and not Reacting to it.

Should you take an action, that hurts, creates chaos, is knowingly unjust, destroys, is bereft of compassion or empathy, than conscience turns into an internal energy akin to being haunted by day, and mentally plagued at night.

When you hear people say, ‘my conscience is clear‘ it literally means that they have made choices that has given them no reason for regret, no reason for acquiescence, is unjustified or any sense that wrong of any kind has been committed.

There will be many that will understand this; it is a powerful, deeply satisfying and peaceful place to be.

Our natural world is wired to work in harmony together, it is us, we humans, that have been given the power of free will and choice that often falls out of line.

We consciously abuse this power, against the natural world, and each other. Why as a species we do so, I have no answer, other than to say, because we can… that’s what conscious power can do to some people; make them feel that they can make in the face of ignorance, reactive and selfish choices believing there will be no consequence. Truth is, there’s always a consequence, it may not be immediately apparent, but it will; just as day turns to night, it will happen, no hiding place – this is the way of the universe to which we are all children.

It is easy to get stressed out, or worse still ‘react’ at actions that pricks your ‘conscience’ in some way, a sense that what you just experienced, JUST AIN’T RIGHT. There’s really is no need to muddy waters, and moreover you need to make sure your conscience remains clear right.

The omnipotent laws of natural justice will always find ways to safeguard the enshrined unbreakable rules of the universe. So just sit back, put your feet up, listen to your preferred choice of music, and relax knowing natural balance will return sooner or later.

Just writing that paragraph, I find deeply comforting; hopefully you will feel the same.

Blessings and Light