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Rules For life #43 One good turn deserves another…

One good deed begets another, seeds of kindness, sown in summer, blooms like Spring in mid December…  by the late and great Mr. Al Jarreau.

So here we are again, just 4 days from opening our prezzies!

You know, I fail to understand why so many of us go a little crazy at Christmas, we spend more than we earn, eat more than we should, drink liquids that we would not normally consider, spend time with people we rarely ever see or hear from or even like, but it is the most wonderful time of the year!

The missing jigsaw from the Christmas puzzle, is usually that man called Jesus Christ, who is or should be the main event of the evening.

As the title says, one good turn deserves another – so it is the coveted law of reciprocation. The do unto others as you would be done by mantra.

Now there will be those who will always take, and then there will be those that will always give, and then there are those in the middle that will give and take, usually without thinking.

So, as we approach the most wonderful time of the year, have in the back of your mind the following….

  1. Can you be as gregarious during the rest of the year as you are during the festive season?
  2. Are you prepared to hook up with someone you rarely see, as you are prepared to tolerate during the holiday season?
  3. Will you focus more on the reason for the celebration Mr. JC, or be unable to wait to get your hands on that prezzie without a moment of reflection?
  4. and finally, will you return the kindness shown to you at this time of the year during the remainder of 2018, or will you just forget such kindness once the occasion is over?


So I will take this opportunity to wish you and yours a rich, loving, peaceful and a very Merry Christmas!! 




2016… n my wishes.

Trump, Jo Cox, Brexit, Aleppo, Yemen, Sudan, Putin, North  Korea, Isis, refugees, Turkey…

Are the astrological stars combining to give us an alarming wake up call? 

It’s easy to think negatively about stuff, even as an eternal optimist I too at times think something is up. What that is I’m not certain, but there’s no mistaking that 2016 has been a year of surprises and in many ways one of tragedy upon tragedy. 

Though good news rarely sells does it?

Yet we must first look at that person in the mirror

All change starts with self.                     All change begins with choice.               All change can and will only happen with affirmative action.

For me 2016 has been all about change. Nothing small, but hoped for lasting and significant change.

I’ve deleted so called ‘friends’, and discovered meaningful beings in return.

I’ve moved nations, and my home environment is unquestionbly on a personal level a more life enriching one. 

We’re on the verge of a new year; 2017. A year that may well be one which will consist of more questions than answers.

Needless to say I wish all my readers a positive end to 2016, and sincerely hope that during this festive season you will have peace of mind, security, and unrelenting love.

Merry Christmas!

Rules for Life #33

Christmas is meant to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, though Jesus Christ rarely gets a mention these days. Sometimes this period of the year turns out to be a time that some of us would prefer to avoid, not because of the theme of goodwill to all men/women, but because some men and women can be, well shall we say a little annoying.

What often happens when people get together this one time at this time of year is perilous gossip, which in turn leads to uninformed judgement.

So with this in mind, here’s a Rule for Life just before Christmas that is worth noting.        It all boils down to clear communication.


Tis the Season to be Jolly…?

So here we are again, another year has zipped by and for a period of just days, we turn our minds to being what we should all be for all those other days that are not marked by the annual calendar celebration of the birth of Christ.

When you look backwards to the year just past, have you seriously lived the Christian way? Seriously, have you? But you will be celebrating right? Have you tripped up over those very explicit 10 commandments; indeed will you immediately following the opening of those expected presents and eating and drinking to excess, continue to flout the basic yet fundamental Christian values handed down by Jesus Christ and his disciples throughout 2015?

Will you stop by and give a few spare pennies to those homeless and sleeping rough in the winter cold on benches and shop entrances? Or will you just walk on by?

Will you choose to admit to all those you have hurt or crossed over the past 11.5 months that you were wrong and apologise, or will you suppress your yuletide spirit in the face of the demand of demonstrating goodwill to all men?

I know there are many of us that find this Christmas festival as nothing more than one big facade, an excuse to get drunk, invite him or her (who you don’t really like) over just once a year, spend way more than one can afford… while at the same time never step foot in a church, never say grace at the dining table, use profanity as if you were screaming against the opposing team on the football terraces, will find reason(s) for creating drama or worse!

When you see the followers of non-Christian festivals, you will see that many do so with their hearts and minds… not just once a year, not for personal gain, or pleasure, many live their faith and festivals as if it was the very air that they breathe.

Tis the Season to be jolly? Well it should be; it should be because what Jesus represented was quite simply GOOD.

Like so many before and after him, if you represent GOOD, you are not one of us mere mortals with flaws, you are a threat and we need to eliminate you. Consequently Easter in the Christian calendar is even more important in relation to Christmas Day, because here was a spiritually good man, selfless, lived agape love, who for no other reason than trying to improve lives, was slain on the cross and then rose up to save us all.

Now if there was ever a reason to look back at your past year and reflect, it should be for this reason alone.

If you cannot bring your mind and thoughts to thinking; you know what, that guy Jesus died on the cross for us, HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US! That’s some sacrifice!!

So in turn, what will you sacrifice? The turkey, the whisky, your favourite soap on TV, the cream cake? Are you willing to be humble and say, look this guy Jesus was born to save us, every one of us from ourselves; we’re all sinners after all, so I will look at those whom I have hurt, pointed an accusing finger at and treated badly, look them in the eye and say I have the spirit of Christ within me, and just as Jesus called out to forgive them Father because they know not what they do, as his earthly life drained from him, I can at the very least say sorry to you.

I ask this, will 2015 be identical to 2014 until those few days in December? It’s a powerful Q, one to be taken seriously.

Is Christ’s Mass about Jesus Christ where you can take the opportunity to embrace his teachings, turn that critical page and reflect on what Jesus represented, or is it simply about yourHmm... Happy Holidays?

You and yours have a blessed, spiritual, peaceful and judgement free Christmas celebration.