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The fading positive values of #truth and trust.

It’s been a challenging world in recent years, trust of powers, authorities and each other are arguably the lowest I’ve witnessed in my lifetime thus far.

Truth is becoming an increasingly rare quality, even among our own friends and family.

Truth is a social requirement, it forms the foundations of trust; another fading human quality. Without it, the fabric of our human society is in danger of imploding. Wars, famine, refugees and other needless man-made crises are driving wedges between once peaceful and united communities.

I don’t know about you dear reader, but I am fond of people who mean what they say, and say what they mean.

You just know where you stand with such people; however there’s a growing sense that such people are few and far between.

As a result, more of us choose to remain in our ‘personal bubble’ and absorb sceptical info from the media, or choose to live in a digital world, where you can delete or add people with relatively minimal consequences, or our young stepping out of their homes with knives and other tools of destruction, just as many of us would grab our phones before leaving our respective abodes.

But how do we entrench and nurture truth and trust? 

Well one way, is to do what toddlers do… Be open, less judgemental, choose to live in the moment, live la Vida Loca, smile more, cry more, giggle more, dance more, instinctively learn different languages, be curious, read more, play more.

As an adult, we can stop over thinking, travel more and be more inquisitive about each other, talk to strangers more, embrace transformational change, be courteous and conform to positive social behaviours.

All the above requires personal application however, yes only positive human interaction can develop a much-needed rich culture of trust and truth between us all.

One more thing, we also need leaders of people, positive role models, people who can positively inspire our young; they are our future after all right? 

I’m doing my bit for the cause, I invite you to do the same.

The opposite of this is well…  TRUMP WORLD, FAKE NEWS, TERRORISM, ALTERNATIVE FACTS, HUMAN TRAFFICKING the very real risk of GLOBAL DESTRUCTION as a result of man-made choices and actions.

OK, let’s end on a positive note, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!



A world of 3 year olds… what a thought!

It seems to me that there’s a wave of darkness sweeping across our planet, infecting many of us ‘so-called’ human beings. The number of quite horrendous incidents that are being broadcast and being described in the news reels no longer leaves me shocked; such is the frequency of such dreadful news!

This morning I was thinking, what if our life span ended during our 3rd year… think about it, if we only got to live to three years old, none of the horrible outcomes associated with Mankind would materialise.

We would wake up from a deep sleep, and can’t wait for what the new day holds. We would not think about race, religion, sex, wealth, drugs, HATE and child abuse would be unknown! 3 year olds

We would just want to run around without a care in the world, laugh a lot, make friends instantly no matter who they are, and what they looked like, or how they sounded, we would have the joy of life, nothing more nothing less, our Birth Right indeed.

Our animal kingdom would flourish, no more needless slaughter of our great beasts, our climate would be stable, OK, it’s a little utopian I grant you that, there has to be someone or something to offer some sort of control – but look, if I could be transported to this world for just one day, I would relish the opportunity.

Child = Future


When a child looks to an adult, they do so for protection, for food, for love and often without them being aware, for how they should conduct themselves.

If you are a responsible parent, or guardian, you will know that how you live will be aped by that youngster; though there will be the exception.

Children are impressionable. If you demonstrate love, they will come to know love and how to share and receive love. If you present hostility, not only is it disturbing to a child, but neuroscience research confirms lasting and irreparable emotional damage.

We see that if a child has a parent who speaks another language, a child will have little difficulty in understanding and speaking it. Just as if you choose to use profanity and do so as if it is acceptable, that child will see no issue with using similar means of communication.

When my children were toddlers, I never used goo goo and ga ga to communicate, I used well-formed vocabulary and grammar. It made a real difference to their formative development.

Non verbal communication is just as important as the verbal. Hugging, kissing, smiling and laughing are all essential to a child’s rich inner development.

If you’re in a parental partnership and raising a child, public demonstration of unity and love I suggest is critical. Anything other? Who’s to say what future effect may transpire – conscious and subliminal.

I love children… I was one… ONCE! They are our future, a future that offers more questions than answers. If we don’t equip our children with the right values, a sense of self, behavioural boundaries and heaps of love, we are letting them and their future down badly.