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Remove your mental fence!

Our lives is structured to be a challenge from the moment we were born, and for good reason too. Without challenges we simply would stagnate mentally, emotionally and physically. Yet many of us recoil at the thought of change… changing a relationship, changing a hairstyle, changing who we become friends with, changing jobs, changing where we live, changing how we react to this or that, changing what we eat or drink.

Yet the biggest challenge for most, is changing how we think!

How we think is the nucleus of how our lives will unfold. Now I don’t want to reach an age when I can’t get about, or my mind is less cogent than it is right now and look back and wished I had experienced this or that, and I am sure many of you will feel similar. Yet there are those of us who feel the same way and without a doubt, 2017 will be almost identical to 2016, 2015, 2014 and so on. Why? In my humble view, there’s something intangible that provides a deep level of comfort, and thus allows them to be locked into a thought pattern that does not permit them to challenge themselves too much.

I know some people who will not eat a cuisine that’s different from what they’re used to, I also know some people who will not befriend anyone from a different race or culture, I know some people who annually will always go on a holiday to the same place… every year!

Nothing wrong with this of course, if it makes them feel a sense of comfort, great; however what if they chose to try that different morsel of gastronomic delight, or befriended someone from a different race or culture that enriched their world for the better, or visit a place that will bring an unforgettable and unimaginable experience.

What, If…

I am driven to help people make subtle and distinct changes in their lives (small steps long journey), when I write my mind becomes alive! I have nothing to give but my (sometimes professional) thoughts on this and that… much of which we all share as human beings. In sharing my thoughts, I feed my own mind with rich healthy nutritious thinking.

Let me be clear here and now, Reading and Writing keeps the mind simmering for that chink of wisdom and good fortune that will be attracted into that necessary gap in the mental cage, these along with embracing and accepting change and making informed and moreover insightful choices, the uncharted winding roads to deep spiritual insight and luminescent serenity will be made crystal clear before you.

Have you ever noticed those unique people who you may pass in the street who seem not to have a care in the world, displaying a gentle yet beautiful smile on their face – trust me, these individuals have endured much, will have interesting stories to tell (if you ask them), and have come through the other side feeling liberated if not enlightened.

Liberating your mind is the key to untold peace and pleasure, don’t waste your precious time or this year by repeating what you have done, year in year out, or trying to control what’s around you, or simply being stubborn, remove your mental fence! 





Finding positives among the negatives

Throughout my blog I underline my writing in the knowledge that no matter what I experience, I always know that there’s a positive angle to everything.

Please forgive me, I know that I have been absent for a while. Sometimes one needs a break from the digital world to re-engage in the real world, and this is what I have been doing dear reader.

I have started the process in finding myself once again. The jubilant, optimistic, ever hopeful me. The deeply spiritual, open-eyed, full of wonder me. The empathetic, humorous, insightful me.

The last two years I have ridden the high waves of life challenges, challenges that I never foresaw, and in fact would have never believed; but you know what? It was all worth it, yes, really, I needed a real kick up the rear end, to emerge from my human chrysalis into my newly emboldened human butterfly.

Due to my childhood, I have always been on the move, wherever I lay my hat, I call home.

In the UK, the nation is gripped with the EU referendum. I really must tell you that I am so Euroed out, so much so that I have made the move to the Mediterranean sun, which I will call home for the foreseeable future. The Brexiteers and the Remains can slug it out, the fear campaign which is to blame everything on immigrants is just too much for me, and being a so-called minority myself despite being an earthling, I want no part of the end result either way!

Since my move, incredible people have been met, wondrous opportunities have transpired, and rich joy, laughter and contentment found.

There are positives staring at you right now, take their hand and move with them.

So what I am driving at is this, if you don’t like your place, your experience, your status, your ‘friends’, your whatever, CHANGE IT, if you don’t take a risk, you lose the chance.

Fear not, for fear is in the mind. Darkness is required to see the trillions of stars above our heads, and closing ones’ eyes will awaken your dreams.

Procrastination is the Devil!

It is highly likely that the majority of us are not happy with our daily lives – be it career, love, family etc.
Most of us will get (note not using the word ‘wake’) up and do more or less what we did yesterday, and hope and wish for change.
Many of us will whine, complain and moan about this and that, yet do nothing to positively make a lasting beneficial change.
I was viewing a video on YouTube of the late Jim Kelly; yes he of Enter The Dragon & Black Belt Jones fame, talking how he always set goals, and once he achieved those goal, he would put in place more goals to take him where he wished to be in his life.
Of course, not all of his experiences were positive, but he kept on focusing and reaching for his high aims, and more often than not, accomplished them. He wasn’t an actor, he was a martial artist, and he readily mocks his acting ability but bigs up his karate skills. He made his name in that cameo role in Enter The Dragon, he actually said he wasn’t the one to be killed in the movie, it was meant to be John Saxon, but he did not have the film track record that Saxon had, so he was written out early… I felt his frustration.
His goal setting took him from a good all round sportsman, and leading karateka to a Hollywood star.
Most of us would have experienced that empowering feeling of having reached a goal, executed a hard won task, or delivering against a long term or held aim. There’s no feeling quite like it right? Be it passing an exam, or making a meal following a recipe – I DID IT!
Yet lurking like a human shadow, there’s the devil I call procrastination… yes he or she, or it… always ready and motivated to knock on the wall at the back of your mind, and nearly always successfully delivering that common excuse… I’ll do it later, someday, not in the mood etc. Sounds familiar?
Someone once told me that our lives are determined by the THINGS WE CHOOSE NOT TO DO… Boom!
As ever, I will always believe in the immeasurable power of CHOICE, choice can take you there or leave you here!
You have the power of choice too, it really depends on whether you will afford your daily devil shadow some wriggle room or slam the door shut and create the life you’re capable of and genetically deserve.

Ignoring lessons learned

There are many of us who for one reason or another feel that a part of our lives is changing in ways that creates deep unease.

This discomfort instead of compelling the holder to acknowledge the change as a ‘life sign’, and move on, it instead in many cases, forces the holder to resist the change, hold on to what is crying out to be let go, and refuse to accept the ‘tailored for you lesson’ being delivered.

It really is futile to ignore these lessons, and should you do so, you will find key experiences being repeated again and again.

Relationships offers rich examples for this; Break up to Make upMake up to Break up… and so it goes on and on.

It is a series of cyclical joys and pains that use up the valuable time that was uniquely set aside for you to grow, discover and create, using the gifts you have been blessed with. Living the highs is of course wonderful, but during those emotional lows you may ask, why? why? why?

Why is clear – ignoring lessons learned, and HOW to end this spiral of ups and downs is clearer still; heed the signs, embrace change and act according to the undeniable message that will insist on following you around until you do so.

Here is a piece of advice that may also help… Nothing Lasts Forever. Once you accept this fact, life will be a whole lot easier. So read the statement below and feel better already!

Sending Life Blessings.

Let Go and Be Content

Take to Your Yellow Brick Road

I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason.

Some come to teach us important life lessons, some come to us so that we can teach them lessons and in turn discover more about ourselves.

Some encounters will only last moments, others will last a lifetime, some liaisons will feel very familiar; as if you’ve always known each other. Others come to challenge you to the point of exasperation, while others will bring support, a meeting of minds and companionship; ‘that soul mate’ experience.

Sometimes we are introduced, sometimes we meet by accident, and sometimes encounters arise with a semblance of mystery; you know when you’re in the presence of someone and their energy is magnetic. Or your eyes are drawn to the eyes of someone who again conjures up this mysterious almost hypnotic, sometimes sexual energy.

In our fast-moving, never have time western culture, we tend to go about our lives not wishing to engage with anyone. Such is the cascade of negative news, suspicion and self-consciousness, that we prefer to keep ourselves to ourselves like a defense mechanism.

It actually takes some courage to go up and say hello, or good morning, or even to smile to a fellow human being these days. We are social beings, and yet we feel far more comfortable ensuring our eyes do not meet, and we keep our personal space ring fenced unless an invitation is sent.

This state of affairs is made even more challenging with all the political and negative news hoo ha that we mentally download every single day! A lack of trust, prejudgment and silent fear is abundant.

But what of the yellow brick road and the scarecrow, tin man, and lion… what characters! Each with their unique strengths and weakness, each seeking lessons to improve their lives.

Yet when they acknowledge and accept who they are and come together to combine these mix of attributes, they become a formidable force that can take on all comers and overcome almost every obstacle. It really illustrates that uniting and drawing on collective strengths and diluting known weaknesses, will trump ‘pointless’ division at every turn.

Personally, I like to challenge myself. I like to travel somewhere alone, and immerse myself in another culture or be among people who will likely look upon me as a ‘stranger’, and attract my very own scarecrow, tin man, and lion. The fact is, whenever I do, I am left invigorated, empowered, and moreover have cultivated a deep and richYellowBrickRoad sense of self-growth.

So my message here is to open up, embrace change, be bold and challenge yourself. I guarantee it will be well worth it.