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Rules for Life #34


We are all tempted to control and mould people (particularly those we love) into a way that suits our needs and desires, but not necessarily theirs.

Good relationships are interdependent, that is, each will have their own goals, interests, likes, friends, along with personal and professional requirements. In a partnership these developed behaviours must be respected, and be afforded to evolve into a pairing that will eventually combine both parties qualities, as one will over time learn to adapt to the other naturally.

The true strength in any relationship is recognising that a problem shared is often a problem halved, this with the prerequisite respect, communication, tolerance, give and take, understanding, empathy, love etc., will create a hoped for lasting bond built on mutual respect for each other’s characteristics, habits, needs and attitudes.



Roast Dinner

Roast Dinner, a seriously undervalued treat!

I love food, most of us do, I like food that packs distinctive, or traditional flavor, delivers that hmm hmm response, makes you eat too fast, while looking for ‘seconds’.

I recently discovered a new friend, across many aspects of my life chart this friend either mirrors my values or presents a variation that I can live with. What I liked most about this friend is the willingness to care. No questions asked, just an instinct to care. Following what I have been through of late, this was a refreshing and much-needed experience.

Meal one; I was offered Chicken Thai Green Curry, not out of the pack or tin, but hand prepared and served. The next meal was a Full English breakfast, again served with TLC. The last meal was yes, the eternal English Sunday Roast… beef, roast potatoes, asparagus, yorkshire pudding, gravy, carrots etc.

Now I like to cook, those of you who know me know this, but the fact is, it has been a long time since I was served three wonderful meals with delicious full-bodied red wine, with open-hearted commitment and fine company.

It is the simple things in life that often make the biggest impression on me. It is the simple things in life that are propelled into the realms of negative drama that has the opposite effect.

Sunday_roastBon provecho!

Solar Eclipse, Super Moon, Spring Equinox…

Solar Eclipse

Celestial events like this don’t normally converge at the same time.  I took the opportunity to get among the crowds this morning and view the eclipse; as the next one won’t occur until 2026.

These events will have some effect on us too, in what way I am unsure. But there’s no escaping that we are continually being affected by the fluid energies in our universe.

As we’re for the most part made of water, this trinity event may show itself in some of us in ways that may be a surprise, unwelcome, or just a little odd or out of character.

As you will know from my earlier blog posts, I do focus a fair amount on people’s behaviours. I am often trying to work out why people behave they way they do.

When people behave well, I am inspired and heartened, and when they don’t, a switch is flicked to on, and I am driven to understand them; though not always successfully.

When I cannot make heads or tails of what I am observing or feeling, well it is better, and moreover wiser to simply accept that fallibility is within us all.

If you experience behaviour over the weekend that does not quite add up, put it down to the celestial trinity, it may not be enough to justify, but it will hopefully allow you to accept what is going on.

Kitten in Spring TimeWelcome to Spring!