At irregular intervals in our daily lives, we all encounter difficulty. Like many of the other contesting emotional experiences, the self-empowerment gained through embracing and learning from these moments of challenge can be exhilarating.

We should not choose to cheat our INNERMOST POWERS by circumventing problems; rather we should apply our mental, physical and spiritual energy to the difficulty in-hand.

From electricity to jet propulsion, many fine men and women from all walks of life have given us what we accept in our lives today as ‘normal’. Yesteryear, these technological breakthroughs were astonishing miracles of invention. None of what we take for granted today would have been achieved if these tenacious men and women had ‘chosen’ to succumb to difficulty.

So what makes them so different from you? I am convinced that it is little or nothing.

There are some things though that do stick out; it is being empowered to make a difference, to make a mark in society, to live one’s true potential. Here perhaps a difference in goals and aims can be found.

Every time you welcome, embrace and make an effort to fully understand your personal difficulty, you will become empowered, and I mean every time!

Don’t expect instant pot noodle like results, no; your power will permeate your soul gradually but definitely. Each problem solved, will be the stepping stone to engaging with your ‘higher’ self.


Take time out to help others with their difficulties. It’s the first and very important stage of releasing the endless energy within you to be that inventive, imaginative, lateral thinking you. Welcome difficulties in your life, I MEAN IT! Don’t look at these incidences as negatives  – they arise to help bring you to your higher-self, your truth, to begin realising your exceptional potential.

How did you begin to walk in the first place? That’s right, by falling over, again and again! 

I will not be defeated, oh s***!!!


No doubt you’ve heard of the ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ adage, certainly one of the truest statements ever conceived by man.

When we enter this physical plane, we are programmed to explore; not only the world around us, but also the who and what am I? A toddler will fall over umpteen times until it masters the miracle of walking upright on two legs. If you are a parent, you will have sensed your own delight at witnessing such an event. How about when a child utters its first discernible words… ‘Mama’, ‘Mummy’, ‘Dada’, or ‘Papa’? You can bet the little thing is not put off learning a new language! The fact is, a child is only discouraged once it learns through experience to become discouraged; and not before. 

We adults however; find all sorts of reasons not to fulfil our real potential, whether that is indeed learning a new language, or trying to master tap dancing. Those negative demons takes over our thought process and we simply give up, or do not attempt to experience something new altogether.

Here’s the message. 

Be the inventor that through sheer determination and effort, has provided us all with the power of electricity, be the athlete that through many hours of gruelling training and discipline, has set the new world’s best for running over 100 meters.

In short, become that child once again; not ever recognising discouragement. As with overcoming fear, meeting adversity head on and neutralising it will release your hidden powers like never before.

We are often presented with a series of wonderful life-changing opportunities. It is those that are now sitting pretty at the top of the food chain that have dared to raise their game at these critical moments. It is they that continually use their earth given powers to better themselves; and often the lives of others. Do not ever be discouraged, be in the position to feel empowered by enabling your fighting spirit to surface. MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Anyone who has been through this will tell you just how incredibly helpless, useless and despairing one can feel.

Depression numbs and throws into reverse the will to exist, it instantly takes you out of society and spills you deep into your lowest self, it brings your energy and capabilities to a shuddering halt, your self-image deteriorates and your self-worth vanishes.

Depression to put it simply, is the nemesis of what being a human being is all about.

Many professions make a significant financial success from those of us unfortunate to be affected by this debilitating emotion. If we took a step back and lived the ‘every decision has a consequence’ adage, we will recognise that we can CHOOSE to remain in a state of flux, or take positive action that will lead to a positive outcome.

I once was told that the difference between man and beast is that we have the power of choice. Some people believe that everything we experience is pre-ordained; it is somehow our destiny – in other words, if you do absolutely nothing from this moment on, you will end up where you are apparently supposed to be.

It’s my prediction that if you do absolutely nothing from this moment on, I can assure you that the world will not stop, but you will almost certainly have achieved your goal of absolutely NOTHING!

Take it from me, you are empowered to exist, create, explore and make choices, so make THIS choice…

Read with passion and often – At no time will I allow myself to succumb to negative thought; I am empowered through the will of my human spirit to improve every corner of my life. I am improving my life, I am making the positive choices that will change my life, and I will always prevail. All knowledge, all experiences, all outcomes are of my choosing. I make the decisions and from these come the consequences, I AM ALWAYS IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE.

There’s always a way!

As my girls will tell you, I don’t do profanity very well – sure I understand under intense pressure, an expletive here and there can balance the internal combustion but…

Now there is one word that under no circumstances am I prepared to accept, and that word is ‘CAN’T’.

This word is often preceded with the most powerful expression in any language ‘I’ – use this expression and you engage instantly with your higher-self.

So here’s my suggestion, take the word CAN pause then add the ‘T’ followed immediately with an ‘RY’ then precede all of those letters with the all powerful ‘I’…


Regrets chains you to your past indefinitely! It’s like being in possession of a 30 chapter novel called YOUR LIFE; today is chapter 15, but you constantly return to chapter 5, the moment (and it’s always just a moment) of your regret! How will you know how your book called LIFE will transpire if you never get to reach the end?! Let go, move on, or more accurately LIVE on! ~jgef~

Forthcoming Weekly Newsletter…

After lying low for some months now, I have been encouraged to produce a weekly e-mailed newsletter; offering support, useful links, guidance and inspiration.

In the next few days, I will give you more information, and hope that you will subscribe, and moreover I can reach out to you in a way that makes a positive and telling difference to your personal and professional life.

Peace, Positivity and Progression always,



The Most Precious Thing!

Today I gave some thought to what do we regard as most important.

Of course there will be some common things like family, my husband/wife, my children, job, my pet dog or cat, my car, house, business.

For some it could be money, their investments, gold, stocks, shares, estate and all manner of technological gizmo’s…

For others it’s quite simply life, to love and be loved, health, God, Allah or some other deity. I would be interested in learning what is yours!

Today it is Thursday or it may be Friday depending on where you are reading this from; nothing particularly extraordinary about that you may think, and looking at it from a distance, I would agree with you.

Only for me, this Thursday has arrived so rapidly, that last Thursday seems like three days ago!

In fact it struck me so strongly, that two words entered my thought chamber, they are TIC and TOC!

TIME – time is something I nor you can control, it is however something we all share.

More importantly at this very moment, my TIME is totally exclusive to me!

It has no limitations, or boundaries. There are no restrictions on how much I can use, or what I use it for.

It’s undoubted preciousness shone at me brightly when I gave thought to how much of this precious thing we describe as TIME is allowed to be wasted.

Think about it for a moment… is there anything more damning or foolish than wasting the most precious thing that is available to each and every one of us?

If there’s one thing sure to create a sense of that most unwanted thought of regret, it is the poor use of TIME.

Will today’s Thursday pass by in a blur and before we know it, it is once again Thursday of next week?

Once today is gone, IT IS GONE FOREVER! We cannot hold back time, rewind to a preferred point in time, it is GONE, gone for good!

This simple fact should motivate all of us to embrace this most precious thing, and do whatever it takes to manifest all the other special items I listed that enriches our lives; not to the point of short-lived happiness, but to lifelong contentment – all those things that the power and gift of TIME  graciously allows us to.

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