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Most of us never listen to or take action based on our instincts.

I have been doing this for sometime, but every now and them I ignore my instincts or my silent voice;  and often to great costs both personally and financially.

Well right now I am listening to my instincts, and I will take affirmative action as a result of listening to my instincts.

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There are patterns in life, and when the pattern repeats itself, it is saying something, it telling you to understand what is happening to you and around you.

Now I have been twice in a similar position, once with my ex-wife, and once with a former business partner, and now once again, I sense something is not quite right, and if you don’t know what is not quite right, this is when you should listen to your instincts.

Choices and Consequences, Decisions and Outcomes.

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My parents…

I am over the hill and on the way down… I remember when my parents were my age, I am the youngest of 5 children.

My parents did not offer me much in terms of material wealth, but they offered me undiluted love and loads of wisdom more often than not, and they also set me up to be independent, and shoot for the stars and hit the moon.

Neither were they perfect, as none of us are, but I always appreciated them, even if they did not give me money or buy new clothes, I always wore second-hand clothes growing up, possibly because my mum loved markets, even my school uniform was second-hand, and I wore rugby boots to play football, but I liked it. It made me realise that when I could afford stuff, I treasured it.

My parents hailed from the tiny island of Montserrat in the Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. My mother according to my eldest sister was always singing (she was known as Queen) , and my dad went to Barbados to cut cane and pick cotton to put food on the table for my two eldest sisters, one of which is alive the other passed away on vacation in Boston.

I have a brother who lives in St Thomas, USVI and two sisters who both live in London, England. I was always thinking ahead when I was growing up, never liked to remain in one place for too long, I put that down to my parents having to move from pillar to post when I was growing up, I went to three schools in 4 years during my formative years, and my parents, my sister and I slept and lived in one room for a year and half.

Still it meant I could adapt to my surroundings better than most, and I still have not stopped moving around, and probably never will. I don’t classify my place of birth as where I am from, I treat my planet as where I am from.

If you’ve read my blogs you will know I have travelled far and wide… but I love my immediate environment to be peaceful and tidy, with lots of music in the background. Don’t like angst and stuff, don’t like discord, don’t like rudeness, and don’t like disrespect from anyone be it family or not.

I recall my dad attacking my sister when she was aged 18 when she had a baby in her arms, I was listening to the thumping from my bedroom, and he took my niece from my sister, my sister emerged from her bedroom with blood running from her nose… I didn’t like that, so I went into my parents bedroom along with my sister, and asked my dad politely to return my niece to my sister, and so he did. My sister always remarked on that, I was just fifteen but I don’t like injustice from anyone, including my parents.

As I said before I never ever disrespected them, even then, never spoke in bad terms to them, nor spoke ill words to others about them while they were alive.

Disrespecting Parents

I lost my mother in 1995 through a stroke, I lost my father in 2008 as a result of  leukemia and throughout their lives I dedicated my time to them.

I used to get in a car and drive 60 miles to visit a pharmacy to buy my old man some pills, and then I would return 60 miles. I used to cut my old man’s hair every fortnight, and I also used to massage my mother’s shoulders… man how I miss them. I  recall taking my mother for the first time to the cinema, to watch The 10 Commandments, with Charlton Heston, I bought her a tub of icecream to watch a three hour movie.

I recall my mother telling me, you don’t know what your dad is like, she never disclosed to me what he did, but I do recall that when she was on her death-bed, she pulled her arm away from him, I was shocked by what I saw.

Some secrets will never be disclosed right?

Still I know that they are both with me, both of them remain in my heart today and forever, I am so pleased to have never ever disrespected them during their lives, sometimes I wanted to, but unlike my sister, I never did.

Well just a snippet for you readers to know what shaped my life’s philosophy, I am fiercely independent; If I can’t have harmony in my life I would rather be alone, I don’t like to be shouted at, don’t like to have my integrity questioned, don’t like to have my trust questioned and don’t like noise or irrational behaviour.

Here’s a Friday thought…

Never ever make a short-term emotional decision that can undeniably affect your long-term future, and please please if you make a mistake, show some contrition.

I always try to think ahead, but sometimes things can take you off track in an instant, stuff you have zero control over, and then I have to think long and hard as to what my next move will be, I like being in this state of flux, it brings the best out of me!

…. and that’s where I am now!






Where are your ‘friends’ when you need them? Oh yeah, they don’t need you right now!

If there’s one thing about me, I never look away when a friend is in need of help… and I mean never.

Yet these are the very same friends, that will look the other way when a friend comes in search for support, whatever the circumstances or whomever they are.

Life as we know isn’t always easy, though our lives is way much better than the vast majority of the inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

But there are times, when one hits rock bottom, not through one’s own fault, but through mitigating circumstances, yes we’ve all been there or at some point if you’ve not been there, be sure at some point you will experience it.

I have been there dozens of times and it only serves to make me stronger and more empathetic to others in need.

It is often necessary to hit rock bottom, it forces one to be a little more imaginative and motivated and cunning and tenacious etc. etc.

But without a solid network of friends and family, you can drift a little or a lot, it depends on how motivated you feel to address your current problem.

As I said early in this post, I can help anyone if I am in a position to do so, if I am not I will be the first to openly admit that I cannot, it is called integrity and being honest, which in turn nurtures trust and that much sought after attribute, respect!

However, human beings are a flawed species, over the centuries we choose what is good for us and us alone, not always, but more often than not, most of the time.

Even those close to us are flawed, we may love them, even like them, but at the end of the day they and we are flawed.

So where am I going with this message, just think about giving a little, giving will often return the favour, not immediately but at some point in this life or the next, you will be rewarded, or God forbid, you may eventually lose that cherished friend or family member.

Friends or Foe, be aware people!


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Self-Respect matters…

I see so many people being disrespected, and for some reason, they allow such behavior to continue.

Quite often, it is usually the person you are most close with that will disrespect you, be it family or friend or more often than not, your ‘loved’ one.

But why does this strange paradox exist?

If you don’t respect yourself, ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot!

Says The Staple Singers! 

If there’s one thing my late parents taught me, is to never allow anyone to disrespect me, and in order to do that, I have to respect myself first!

If you have read my blogs, you will know I will give people 3 chances and after that I will walk away, I will not tolerate repetitive rudeness. Once may be a mistake, twice is taking advantage, thrice is my red line, it STOPS right there!

If you get to the third stage of disrespect that person senses you don’t respect yourself and hence, that person has in effect become a manipulative bully and will abuse you whenever they wish. If you allow such behaviors to continue, you will have minimal control over the perpetrator, seriously zero to minimal!

So when you go to sleep tonight, think just how much do you respect yourself, really just how much???

Remember your instincts are triggered for a reason… listen! 

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Have you sacrificed at all?

It’s that most important time in the Christian faith, it is Good Friday, where someone decided through persecution and beatings and a friend who wasn’t a friend in any way, to submit and get nailed to a cross in the hope that his heavenly father would save us or more to the point, forgive us, for we know not what we do.

I had hoped that at the turn of this century that our species would be more enlightened, but over the last decade or more, we have seemingly gone hurtling backwards.

Rare animal species are being wiped out from our planet for, well amorous and gluttonous reasons, we have dictators every which way we look, we have to fact check everything, because there are ALTERNATIVE FACTS , our privacy is being criminally used to determine governments, mad people killing and abusing young people, even babies, and so it goes on…

We spend most of our time identifying what makes us different, instead of what are our similarities.

Our planet is heating up, we have record-breaking storms and temperatures at both ends of the thermometer

So what indeed did Jesus Christ die for? 

Most of us just want a good life, to have that someone special in our lives, to grow healthily old and watch our family replace us after we have gone to immortality, but along the way, and to achieve all that we must, just as Jesus did, sacrifice for the good of our family, the good of others, and for ourselves too.

Without a degree of sacrifice, very little can be gained.

Be it in the pursuit of a qualification, learning a language, or to play a musical instrument, or simply need to put food on the table or paying that bill… whatever it is, a sacrifice will be necessary.

Buona pasqua 


You want to, but can’t turn the clock back!

At times I wonder what if I had the opportunity to rewind the clock to key periods in my life, to allow me to make entirely different decisions; but like life itself, there’s no turning back, were on this endless road to immortality, we just don’t know when the road will end.

Life itself is like a game, some of us know how to play it like a BOSS, while others just let life slip them by… the key is to be adventurous, embrace change, take affirmative action, be prepared to take a risk in the hope it may pay off, and usually will if you have prepared enough in advance.

I just can’t help wondering if I had made some more decisive instinctive choices, I would be in a place, where I had intended, but I have made instinctive choices, so I must accept the consequences of my choice.

One thing I do know, I am always prepared to take a risk, and this quality is hardwired to my brain; it is WHO I AM!

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