Relationships are nearly always at the centre of all our activities

Relationships can be good and uplifting, but also deeply disturbing and negative. 

Relationships is founded on communication, compromise and respect. A more intimate relationship may include sexual gratification or erotic affection. 

Some of us prefer to have casual relationships rather than someone under our feet 24/7, while those of us who need a companion will suffer in silence, just to have some form of meaningful interaction. 

I am quite content to be alone, but I also like to be mentally and physically stimulated by someone I care about. It’s a balancing act between having peace and having to adapt to someone’s characteristics. I think you know what I mean right? 

There’s a lot of emotion in relationships, it can sway from the peak of ecstasy to a low of fury in a heartbeat, and everything in between this fluctuating human engagement.

As you know I’m the champion of the Power of CHOICE, and all choices will have a consequence, be it small or significant, one really needs to remove emotion from choices, all choices based on emotion will enable a negative outcome, trust me it’s true, so be rational and reasonable and think of the consequence of the choice before you make it.

We need to feel loved or more accurately important, something that is a craving internally for all of us, which is the entire reason for having a relationship in the 1st place, interaction is key to the development of our minds and soul, though in our virtual world it is less so these days. 

  • Relationships can be good
  • Relationships can be a strain
  • Relationships can be stimulating 
  • Relationships can be controlling 
  • Relationships can be manipulative 
  • Relationships can be a place of hope
  • Relationships can be sexual
  • Relationships can be cerebral 
  • Relationships can generate jealousy 
  • Relationships can make one sad
  • Relationships can be stressful
  • Relationships can be overwhelming 
  • Relationships can make you feel insecure 
  • Relationships can make you feel proud 

Ultimately we all need to have a relationship in whatever form it takes, but the bedrock of a relationship is to be reliable, honest, commited, to listen, to respect, to do what you say you’ll do, show respect, privacy, empathetic and sympathetic, keep the fire burning, change the routine, take a moment to reflect on who you are and how you interact with others too. 

Live n love always! 



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