Most of us never listen to or take action based on our instincts.

I have been doing this for sometime, but every now and them I ignore my instincts or my silent voice;  and often to great costs both personally and financially.

Well right now I am listening to my instincts, and I will take affirmative action as a result of listening to my instincts.

instincts Google Search

There are patterns in life, and when the pattern repeats itself, it is saying something, it telling you to understand what is happening to you and around you.

Now I have been twice in a similar position, once with my ex-wife, and once with a former business partner, and now once again, I sense something is not quite right, and if you don’t know what is not quite right, this is when you should listen to your instincts.

Choices and Consequences, Decisions and Outcomes.

EzyEmp #instinct


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