Where are your ‘friends’ when you need them? Oh yeah, they don’t need you right now!

If there’s one thing about me, I never look away when a friend is in need of help… and I mean never.

Yet these are the very same friends, that will look the other way when a friend comes in search for support, whatever the circumstances or whomever they are.

Life as we know isn’t always easy, though our lives is way much better than the vast majority of the inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

But there are times, when one hits rock bottom, not through one’s own fault, but through mitigating circumstances, yes we’ve all been there or at some point if you’ve not been there, be sure at some point you will experience it.

I have been there dozens of times and it only serves to make me stronger and more empathetic to others in need.

It is often necessary to hit rock bottom, it forces one to be a little more imaginative and motivated and cunning and tenacious etc. etc.

But without a solid network of friends and family, you can drift a little or a lot, it depends on how motivated you feel to address your current problem.

As I said early in this post, I can help anyone if I am in a position to do so, if I am not I will be the first to openly admit that I cannot, it is called integrity and being honest, which in turn nurtures trust and that much sought after attribute, respect!

However, human beings are a flawed species, over the centuries we choose what is good for us and us alone, not always, but more often than not, most of the time.

Even those close to us are flawed, we may love them, even like them, but at the end of the day they and we are flawed.

So where am I going with this message, just think about giving a little, giving will often return the favour, not immediately but at some point in this life or the next, you will be rewarded, or God forbid, you may eventually lose that cherished friend or family member.

Friends or Foe, be aware people!


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