Don’t be afraid, it’s only an interview.

Being a Career Consultant, one of my competencies – one of the key issues for many job seekers/clients is getting past the interview.

Now, for one reason or another, this vital aspect along the career attainment ladder often gets overlooked in place of the all important CV or Resumé, if you are across the pond.

So many of my clients’ attention is focused on the details within their career file, which is not the living breathing creature that will be interviewed, it is only being evaluated – and of course that file is subjective, so what really and truly matters, is you?

Interviews, if you are not a seasoned pro or just getting your first big toe on career street, can be intimidating. Nerves can and will get the better of you, if you choose to be interviewed. Note the word choose.

I have a lot of information and techniques on how to handle an interview, the key thing to do, is turn the interview into a meeting. If you turn it into a meeting, the perception gained from the interviewers, is that you are already employed or assigned to the role and company. Also, transitioning the interview to a meeting takes the nerves out of the situation. Open dialogue will be cultivated and an exchange of insightful views shared.

The old mantra that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, works here. So all the good and bad things that those first 30 seconds when you meet someone holds true; I suspect you know what I am talking about here. Looking well attired, researched the company, their competitors, their service or products and target market(s) prior to your meeting, yes I thought you knew this.

I am not going to reveal all my knowledge here, but if you are seeking that coveted role, have sent your career file(s), and are now being invited to (interview) a meeting, please if you need help, just click this link and contact me there, and I will listen to your requirements and backstory.

5ad1f026fe306c7e05a8d8f2f171f0a5That last line, with my help can be predictable.