Rules for Life #37… Stay #Healthy.


If there’s one thing more precious than life itself, it is our health.

The sands of time and mother nature will of course take their toll, but we really must do everything to protect our health, not just on a personal level but environmentally too.

Some advice…

Sit down less, walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator, walk or cycle as opposed to taking your car just to go less than a mile/kilometre down the road, drink less alcohol, smoke less, avoid what we already know are toxic substances, change your mental outlook and attitude to one of a positive mind-set, smile more, exercise more if just for 5 mins in the morning before work, and 5 mins before you go to bed (just 10 minutes in 24 hours is not asking a lot), sleep more, eat the right foods; we all know what they are, find a companion to enliven your mind, have a pet, avoid repetition, enjoy sex with the one you love, read more, travel more, surround yourself with positive people, take a walk in the park, along the beach, along a river bank or canal, watch a wildlife documentary.

Finally, Stop Wishing & Start Doing!