So where are you with your goals?

Is your experience and life almost identical to where it was just 6 months ago? 

The question I must ask, is why?

The turning of the year traditionally inspires the many to lay down personal goals and targets for the upcoming year, yet 6 months on, little has changed for the many.

Are you still in a poor relationship, still looking for Mr or Ms right, still in that dead-end job, still looking to lose weight, still hoping for things to change, whilst you choosing not to change or apply action; the proverbial SITTING ON YOUR HANDS?



All the above targets are motives for change, however we all like routine to some extent, some more than others, and it is this routine of activity that needs to be broken. The same routine of activity will only produce the same experience and outcomes – so you know what to do right?


Reaching goals and targets can for some be a lonely, isolating and mundane experience, some people will need others to encourage them, to lay out a plan of action, to be with them during their journey. So find someone who you can trust that will stay the course alongside you, make the experience fun, whether that is just sharing your achievements or they too have similar goals and so you work together to accomplish them.


If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

In particular when it comes to relationships. For many of us, just having that right person around is enough to change our world. That special person will imbue you with a positive view on life, all things are now possible. So whether you are using online dating sites or you know who it is you want to engage with, have the courage and let them know; don’t over think, and do not be worried about being rejected, this is a given factor across relationship building, both personal and professional.


That very first goal conquered will empower you, it’s that YES feeling! Each empowered moment will and should drive you on to achieve other targets. It’s a long road, but even a long road can be conquered with little steps. Application is key here, it goes back to my opening introduction; taking action is critical. Nothing will change unless you do!

And most importantly…