The disintegration of humankind

If you like me are becoming increasingly saddened at the unrelenting bad news and atrocities that we hear and see each and every day, I am not surprised at all, it’s madness!

We humans are evidently flawed; there can be no dissenting voices to this fact.

What I do struggle with as a person of compassion and empathy, are those willing to provide excuses or reasons for such degradable inhumane behaviour (trade, economics, provocation, skin colour, looked at me in the wrong way, religion, voices in one’s head) etc, or even to look the other way – ‘hypocrisy’.

Look, there are zero excuses, none whatsoever.

Compassion and understanding must not be selective.

From teenage youth stabbing their peers on the streets, men beating up on women and in some cases to death, sophisticated flying machines dropping bombs on hospitals, firing missiles on young boys on beaches, and releasing toxic chemicals on innocent people going about their lives, and so it goes on and on, with refugees growing by the tens of thousands each day as a consequence. Few days ago in Stockholm, 2 weeks ago in London and now today in Cairo & Alexandria, expect more this coming week!

I was watching on CNN an expert from the Peoples Republic talking about the prospect of #Trump potentially looking to take military action against the North Korean regime, which as a consequence would lead to them attacking South Korea, and as such a western ally, which in turn would invoke the Chinese to come to the aid of the North Koreans, thus the prospect of World War III may be manifested.

Much of this is predicted from Nostradamus to the Bible.

I am in midlife, but I do have a 4 year old grandson who I would really like to see become a responsible and successful human being; and on behalf of his generation, I believe we as ‘so called’ adult intelligent beings need to think very seriously about what we’re leaving behind for his generation.


I will continue to remain optimistic!


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