Time for my memoirs?


I have led an interesting life, something of an adventure. My parents were both pretty much illiterate, and therefore much of my learning was self-imposed or absorbed in the halls of learning. What I give my heartfelt thanks to my parents for, was their undiluted love, protection, dedication and realised wisdom.

Many people with whom I have encountered in just over a half century of my earth existence, have often told me to write a book of my life to-date.

There’s no doubt I have seen and done a lot, from being a school keeper, to sitting on a stool in a piano bar and being a jazz crooner on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship – and much in between.

I am at a point in my life where my own immortality is never far from my mind. When you see so many of the generation just ahead and moreover your own generation passing away, and then when your own off-spring are looking to get married, one is made fully aware that the conveyor belt of life is continually moving, and it’s only a matter of time before your number is called.

Though I have written a book and have had it published, I did that in just two nights, this one I know will take a lot longer, but it could be an all-time best seller right?

Well I won’t know unless I take ‘action’So watch this space!