Remove your mental fence!

Our lives is structured to be a challenge from the moment we were born, and for good reason too. Without challenges we simply would stagnate mentally, emotionally and physically. Yet many of us recoil at the thought of change… changing a relationship, changing a hairstyle, changing who we become friends with, changing jobs, changing where we live, changing how we react to this or that, changing what we eat or drink.

Yet the biggest challenge for most, is changing how we think!

How we think is the nucleus of how our lives will unfold. Now I don’t want to reach an age when I can’t get about, or my mind is less cogent than it is right now and look back and wished I had experienced this or that, and I am sure many of you will feel similar. Yet there are those of us who feel the same way and without a doubt, 2017 will be almost identical to 2016, 2015, 2014 and so on. Why? In my humble view, there’s something intangible that provides a deep level of comfort, and thus allows them to be locked into a thought pattern that does not permit them to challenge themselves too much.

I know some people who will not eat a cuisine that’s different from what they’re used to, I also know some people who will not befriend anyone from a different race or culture, I know some people who annually will always go on a holiday to the same place… every year!

Nothing wrong with this of course, if it makes them feel a sense of comfort, great; however what if they chose to try that different morsel of gastronomic delight, or befriended someone from a different race or culture that enriched their world for the better, or visit a place that will bring an unforgettable and unimaginable experience.

What, If…

I am driven to help people make subtle and distinct changes in their lives (small steps long journey), when I write my mind becomes alive! I have nothing to give but my (sometimes professional) thoughts on this and that… much of which we all share as human beings. In sharing my thoughts, I feed my own mind with rich healthy nutritious thinking.

Let me be clear here and now, Reading and Writing keeps the mind simmering for that chink of wisdom and good fortune that will be attracted into that necessary gap in the mental cage, these along with embracing and accepting change and making informed and moreover insightful choices, the uncharted winding roads to deep spiritual insight and luminescent serenity will be made crystal clear before you.

Have you ever noticed those unique people who you may pass in the street who seem not to have a care in the world, displaying a gentle yet beautiful smile on their face – trust me, these individuals have endured much, will have interesting stories to tell (if you ask them), and have come through the other side feeling liberated if not enlightened.

Liberating your mind is the key to untold peace and pleasure, don’t waste your precious time or this year by repeating what you have done, year in year out, or trying to control what’s around you, or simply being stubborn, remove your mental fence!