It’s 2017, what now?

Did you survive the NY celebrations? Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

Now will your 2017 be pretty much the same as 2016 or will you step way out of your comfort zone and finally do what you have always wanted to do? Well I sure hope for the latter.

Here are 5 disciplines that may assist you in realizing your goals for this year and corresponding years.

1st. Whatever drives your passion, let this be your goal for 2017. Nothing beats pursuing something that truly excites, and that you also know deeply that you’re good at. Be it sport, writing, creating a work of art; whatever it is, make it your key aim for 2017 and be relentless with it.

2nd. If your goal requires a plan, and you’re not sure how to create a plan, seek professional or informed support. Sometimes just like those who seek to lose weight, having someone to share your journey can be the difference between giving up or realising sought after success. So don’t be afraid or reluctant or even too proud to contact someone if needed. Always but always be truthful with yourself.

3rd. State of mind. Once you have decided on what you really want to do or have always wanted to do, take action. We all know often that New Year resolutions are often just words of intent, and not affirmative action. The best way to take action is simply to act. Some goals will require confidence, calculated risk and said planning, but none of these are of any value without application.

4th. Live and enjoy the experience. During your journey, along the way, there will be key empowerment moments. Those golden nuggets of achievement that drives you to punch the air with a resounding YES! Such milestones will undoubtedly fuel your enthusiasm and need for even greater barriers to break.

5th. Balance. Just with the universe, there’s a need for balance in all things in every aspect. So take time out to live too. Travel, party, family, a good walk, music, reading etc., even when achieving goals, there must always be a sense of ME TIME!

Here’s a footnote…

We’ve seen throughout 2016 that change can be both surprising and unpredictable – this may sound obvious, but the best way to predict what happens in 2017 for you is to a) to plan it, b) to work it and c) achieve it…. with some never refuse luck thrown in!