Dare to challenge yourself…


Some of the challenges and conflicts we personally and socially face is due to the fact that many of us fail to challenge ourselves – feeling comfort in the COMFORT ZONE.

I’ve often referred to in this site to our birth right… we would not be able to crawl until we are left on the floor to learn coordination, we could not walk until we have fallen down umpteen times – and this same model of daring to learn to discover to experience and moreover to fail is somehow lost by many of us as we move into adulthood.

The question for me is Why?

It is not a coincidence to me that in recent elections and referendums, it is those that chose to vote conservatively in general, are those that don’t like change. Yet all of us without exception growing up during our childhood, change was and even now still remains absolutely necessary.

An intolerance to change is not linked to any decision or choice posed, it is within the emotional psyche and sometimes the ignorance of the individual.

I have often found that those who travel not to a seaside resort (and there’s nothing wrong with those who do), but to destinations of real historic and cultural interest, places that could be labelled a once in a lifetime opportunity. Africa, India, China, places where the inhabitants have not changed their way of life for a millennia. It seems to be to me at least, that many of those who do are less judgmental, more compassionate, more inclined to understand founded upon knowledge, more inclined to integrate and have a more worldly, balanced and fluid perspective on the challenges that they may and will face in their lives.

We can all do so much better can’t we? Individually and collectively.

We can all learn so much more about ourselves and others if we break free of our comfort zone, and in so doing, breakdown all the perceived and imagined barriers that quite often in reality don’t exist!

It will be clearly uncomfortable for some, some may need to remove their preconceived and unfounded thoughts about this and that, and in some cases some will need to be courageous!

I can state here and now, when one does, it is an exciting, eye-opening and empowering experience.

I think it is what our entire world needs right now.