Observing unity or lack of…

What is driving disunity among so many nations? What makes someone stab and shoot an unarmed woman in broad daylight, while shouting allegedly ‘Britain First’…

What the hell is happening in the USA? Why do not people clearly see what Trump was doing, was pandering to many American’s blind frustrations and deep-rooted and covert prejudice?  Resulting in him now going to be the USA President. Why what makes us different (unique), is now being what allows some of us to nurture and fuel hate, xenophobia and in some instances leading to violence and crime?

I am sure you will agree with me, that in these chaotic times it is difficult to be optimistic about much at all.

If one thinks negative, our perspective on life is negative and will result in negative experiences that in turn fuels negative thinking – EzyEmp.

I have a list on Twitter, check this link https://twitter.com/sourceofsuccess/lists/humanity-united

Among the members there are some notable people, institutions and right-minded thinking individuals in my humble opinion. If like me, you believe in unity, you may wish to become a member, no subscription required.

I created the list when I joined Twitter back in 2009. Even then I felt that society was moving towards increasing division – often founded on emotion rather than logic.

I look at relationships, and the pressures on many of us have to deal with that leads to finding a quick exit (with material attachments in some cases). Many of us fail to put up with much, our intolerance levels are below what our parents and grandparents possessed that allowed them to realise the ‘death do they part’ verbal commitment.

Communicating digitally is the accepted norm, increasingly we text or message… deep level discussions and debates are now online, followed with unheralded accompanying abuse. As social creatures this saddens me. I only have to look at a natural world documentary and whether it’s watching dolphins, great apes, ants or the at risk elephant, and simply marvel at how they seem to be more intelligent, more communicative, more understanding and more loving than we purport to be.

Everything seems superficial, both perceptively and in reality. 

We the silent majority are now challenged to step up and make a difference – not in the way that some Brexiteers or Trump supporters are doing, but create a human world where we can all live in peace, prosper and excepting our unique differences. We can all learn from each other, we all know something that someone else doesn’t. Our life journeys are intrinsically ours; our very own life taxi if you will, yet we will have to converge every now and then, and that’s what society is about isn’t it?

I do wish we would all smile more, I really do. We go through life with increasing suspicion, increasingly feeling we’re at threat from each other in some way shape or form.

I am a man of colour. I have chosen to leave my home base in the UK and live in Malta.

Now in Malta people still invariably reflect what you present to them – it is a nation that has grown used to foreign invaders, and with the current refugee crisis, Malta has become an ever-increasing cosmopolitan island.

I am a pretty chilled out guy, and though I am tall and athletic, I offer little threat to those I communicate with. Sure before I do, they will have an expectation, it follows that we men of colour through history are deemed a threat, but as soon as many of us engage, such perceptions are immediately blown asunder, not everyone is disarmed so readily, but the vast majority do.

The other aspect to all this is that none of us are born with any perceptions about what a particular ethnic or racial group is or not, it is taught. We enter this world without any knowledge whatsover of class, race, wealth etc. Again that flies in the face of basic intelligence.

So let me call on us all to throw out division, and disunity, it’s a dirty road to nowhere people. Let’s communicate more directly, let’s be more understanding, more compassionate, more forgiving, more positive and more empathetic. Not just for us adults, but for our children and grandchildren.


#diversity #unity #bono