Risk & Reward

This time last year I was unsure of what the future may hold; this period was not only confusing and stressful, but this period also allowed me to discover ME in more depth. So I am rewarded.

We all want to live a life that brings happiness, pleasure, wealth and security. What we should actually aim for is Life Contentment. Contentment is akin to nirvana if you will, all the other experiences can and is often short-lived, in particular happiness, but all can nurture insecurity, jealousy, depression and other negative fall-outs.

This time last year I took a risk. I decided I wanted to move to another country. I am attracted to adventure, new cultures and people. In doing so I benefit from learning or adapting to a different way to live. Experiencing how others adapt to my character or my physical appearance is important to me both personally and professionally.

But before all this, I have had to endure (the necessary) extreme chaos and (required) stress. Yet throughout I knew that I was, and still am served by a universal love; a love that protects, illuminates and guides.

Now I am in another country. While my previous location is currently cold (I am not a fan of cold weather), where I am now is warm and balmy.

Look, I could have remained in the comfort zone, a nice place, but as a well-known quote states ‘little grows there’. I could have avoided all the mental doubts, all the anxiety and financial costs, and be the mouse on the wheel in our global cage, waking up and experiencing the daily repeat repeat repeat, then going to bed and waking up the following day and experiencing repeat repeat repeat. Sorry this is not living this is existing!

So I am on my way to creating a rich life of contentment, a life where I continue to learn about most importantly about myself and critically others on a daily basis.

Take note of this universal rule…