Life’s mysteries

A week ago, I was again touched by spirit. Most often they let me know they’re with me by just playing with my hair or gently stroking my face, in this case it was the former.

I have an elderly family member who is not doing well health wise, and as I wasn’t with them as I am in another country, I wondered if it was a sign. No, thankfully it wasn’t.

Instead it was seemingly a precursor to a much needed change in fortune; also aided and abetted by prayer, a demonstration of hard work, humility and focus. So I am guessing it was either my spirit guide or someone on the other side, sensing that I have had enough trials recently and turned the page for me.

Some people don’t believe in prayer, and some people don’t believe in spirits, but I can assure you that whenever I pray and I mean pray with intensity, the magic happens.

But before the magic happens, one has to suffer (much like Jesus had to) to the point of despair; but you know what reader, I am a born optimist, and consistently talk in the positive to myself, and with my love of music, trying to help others, a lover of all things creative and staying in shape, I rarely if ever concede defeat, and if I do, doing so was necessary to take me up to another level when I choose to move on.

I have been here before, so I have learned, learned well, and at this mid point in my life, the consequences of my decisions will need to be previewed before I act.

Topic change. I love coconut water; yes coconut water, just like the turmeric spice, sweet potato, and ginger are very much in vogue. Now my roots have been strictly rooted in Caribbean cuisine (although anything rich in flavour suits me), so sweet potatoes, ginger and the incredible coconut in all its forms has been a part of my life since childhood. Why am I mentioning this? Well because I am in a good space, and the thought of these foods make me feel, well, wonderful.

Here’s something from his Holiness.