Exceptional circumstances

I’ve always believed that we will all face at some stage or another a situation where exceptional circumstances will dictate one’s next direction in life.

I am a confident individual; well I like to think that I am. I believe in myself so much, that often when I set myself  a task, I usually achieve or master it.

But dear reader, I am also fallible, I will make mistakes, will do something that my silent voice has already projected in front of my mind’s eye the likely consequences, and yet I will pay no heed to the message, or the likely outcome and ignorantly lead with my human state of mind, instead of my all-knowing, all-encompassing spiritual being.



I am not afraid to take risks, I like to challenge myself, I don’t like the easy route, the comfort zone if you will. I like to GROW through my own endeavours, and yes the accompanying errors of judgment too.  Maybe one day it will be a colossal mistake, who knows.

However through it all, I believe that I have been brought up by my late and wonderful village parents to continue to remain a good human being.

I really don’t like to cause distress or angst or disappointment to anyone.

I am also terribly honest with myself and others once I do screw up… and on I continue to go down my unique yellow brick road, whether people wish to dance alongside me isn’t important, what is important, is where I am going!

Yes this is something of a confession blog today, I failed to follow my own serial teachings, and have been rightly taught a harsh emotional lesson, duly given a very rude awakening.

But the PAST is not where I live people, I live in the here and now, working towards a solid future for my girls, G’son and loved ones; and what is done, cannot be undone right? So…

People good and bad will come into our lives to teach us something, or for us to teach them something, then they like all of us, will one day go – FACT!

We’ve just go to get used to it right, it’s the universal law of things.

Exceptional circumstances indeed.