The Power of ‘knowing’

Yes we all possess it; call  it gut, call it intuition, it is without a doubt, your internal guide and your Protector In Chief.

I’m deeply interested in people, why people do what they do, what makes us tick, I find people utterly fascinating, and at times deeply troubling.

Yesterday I was walking along the promenade where I live, and a police car driving at speed with all horns blazing, and proceeded to brake hard, and crashed into a parked car – now I saw no reason for this officer to be speeding or to brake hard, and then to subsequently lose control of his vehicle; but he did.

He immediately put his head in his cupped hands, got out of his car to inspect the damage to his and the parked car, looking totally bewildered. Strange right? That’s off topic, but relates to the ‘troubling’ bit, plus I wanted to share that oddity with you.

This knowing thingy… Some examples: you’re on a look out for a new home, and you enter a property… leaving the decor, layout and the location to one side, you just sense whether that environment feeds your energy positively or negatively.

Example number 2, you’re in a relationship, it could be new or long-standing, but something in your head is telling you that it doesn’t feel right or moreover feels right – now one can choose to ignore that silent message, or respond to it, many of us choose to ignore, and in hindsight sometime later, wished we didn’t.

Finally number 3, you visit a different country, and for whatever reason that place is urging you to stay, you’re not sure why, but doing so seems the right thing to do.

Can you relate?


I try to cultivate and nurture my unique ‘knowing‘ ability, particularly around people, but also in discerning the energy around me. It has served me extremely well over the years, and as I grow older and hopefully wiser, its ability and force is seemingly strengthening.

In recent times I have been faced with some really odd life challenges, and they’re still continuing; stuff in the outer world I would rather do without, but in my internal world, I know that these challenges are absolutely essential for my spiritual development.

I also try to use my knowing to protect those I love, those I care about, I try to guide, but I am not always listened to, that’s people for you. We all have our own life path in which to tread, and I believe we must all go down that path, eyes wide open or blinkered, and live it for good or for bad.

This knowing will always, I repeat, always present the options available to us, often it will insist on just ONE, and it is up to us to decide to go with its message, listen to our gut, or heed our intuition; or choose to go with what others may judge us on, or what feeds our ego, or… need I continue?