A world of 3 year olds… what a thought!

It seems to me that there’s a wave of darkness sweeping across our planet, infecting many of us ‘so-called’ human beings. The number of quite horrendous incidents that are being broadcast and being described in the news reels no longer leaves me shocked; such is the frequency of such dreadful news!

This morning I was thinking, what if our life span ended during our 3rd year… think about it, if we only got to live to three years old, none of the horrible outcomes associated with Mankind would materialise.

We would wake up from a deep sleep, and can’t wait for what the new day holds. We would not think about race, religion, sex, wealth, drugs, HATE and child abuse would be unknown! 3 year olds

We would just want to run around without a care in the world, laugh a lot, make friends instantly no matter who they are, and what they looked like, or how they sounded, we would have the joy of life, nothing more nothing less, our Birth Right indeed.

Our animal kingdom would flourish, no more needless slaughter of our great beasts, our climate would be stable, OK, it’s a little utopian I grant you that, there has to be someone or something to offer some sort of control – but look, if I could be transported to this world for just one day, I would relish the opportunity.