Procrastination is the Devil!

It is highly likely that the majority of us are not happy with our daily lives – be it career, love, family etc.
Most of us will get (note not using the word ‘wake’) up and do more or less what we did yesterday, and hope and wish for change.
Many of us will whine, complain and moan about this and that, yet do nothing to positively make a lasting beneficial change.
I was viewing a video on YouTube of the late Jim Kelly; yes he of Enter The Dragon & Black Belt Jones fame, talking how he always set goals, and once he achieved those goal, he would put in place more goals to take him where he wished to be in his life.
Of course, not all of his experiences were positive, but he kept on focusing and reaching for his high aims, and more often than not, accomplished them. He wasn’t an actor, he was a martial artist, and he readily mocks his acting ability but bigs up his karate skills. He made his name in that cameo role in Enter The Dragon, he actually said he wasn’t the one to be killed in the movie, it was meant to be John Saxon, but he did not have the film track record that Saxon had, so he was written out early… I felt his frustration.
His goal setting took him from a good all round sportsman, and leading karateka to a Hollywood star.
Most of us would have experienced that empowering feeling of having reached a goal, executed a hard won task, or delivering against a long term or held aim. There’s no feeling quite like it right? Be it passing an exam, or making a meal following a recipe – I DID IT!
Yet lurking like a human shadow, there’s the devil I call procrastination… yes he or she, or it… always ready and motivated to knock on the wall at the back of your mind, and nearly always successfully delivering that common excuse… I’ll do it later, someday, not in the mood etc. Sounds familiar?
Someone once told me that our lives are determined by the THINGS WE CHOOSE NOT TO DO… Boom!
As ever, I will always believe in the immeasurable power of CHOICE, choice can take you there or leave you here!
You have the power of choice too, it really depends on whether you will afford your daily devil shadow some wriggle room or slam the door shut and create the life you’re capable of and genetically deserve.