The importance of feeling important

Every day when we rise from our slumber, we need a purpose – we don’t always consciously know it, but we do.

If we have a passion about anything, and we live it, it in turn feeds our need to feel a sense of achievement and the corresponding glow of self importance.

If we don’t have a passion, this drive for importance can become destructive.

For some of us, at one end of the scale it can morph into bullying or aggression, in the middle, people may seek attention by getting drunk, taking drugs or eating too much too often, and for others at the other end of the scale it could be just about accumulating likes on Facebook and pretending to be happy, getting the attention for doing so, when they’re really not happy at all. It’s important for these people, just to get through the day with a micro sense of this is how life should be or not be.

Feeling important is very satisfying, let’s admit it and it doesn’t always have to be linked to ego.

Winning is important, being desired is important, and offering help and care nurtures self importance; as does a mother when she proudly breast feeds her child, or a father when he takes his son to play ball games.

Instinctively we need to protect ourselves – WE ARE IMPORTANT.

We believe there’ll be a tomorrow don’t we? Don’t we? We have aims and objectives, things to do, people to meet, places to go… each single task is driven by the inertia of importance to a greater or lesser extent.

We all share the same amount of afforded time, no one gets a second more or a second less.

Those of us who understand the positive power of being important can and will likely achieve feats that many of us will come to envy and admire – many exponents of this are there to be remembered in history, as do others in our past and indeed present who have and are taking this importance to the negative and wreaking destruction and horror.

Importance is a major drive in all of us, across the spectrum of our life chart. I hope I’ve in this post made you more aware of the importance of being important, and that you will use this awareness for the benefit of yourself and others.