Time to move on?

Well from 1 to 12, if any are a repetitive experience, then it may be a good idea to find a better life.

There’s no question that for many of us, relationships require a concerted effort to keep that fire burning; but in truth if this for you is a regular requirement, then you’re probably not compatible.

Tolerance will likely be in short supply, particularly if you’ve entered a new relationship from one where 1-12 was prevalent.

The pre-eminent challenge is to not let your past pains negatively impact your future gains – we all know this is easier said than done don’t we?

Relationships is not only about caring and sharing, it’s also about planning and managing.

To be fair, it can also be mentally and physically exhausting with the wrong chemistry.

Above all else, it should be about honest and open communication, underpinned with mutual respect, whilst allowing each other to grow independently, within a loving, joyful, trusting union.

When you find, or if you already have that special someone ______________________ fill in the blank and express what it means to you, and every now and then, just glance at it, it could prove to be the difference between enjoying a deep loving relationship or another episode of that popular soap opera, called ‘here we go again’.

12 signs – credit to Celine Chua