Self sabotage

Self sabotage… we all do it.

There’s something we should do, want to do, yet we don’t or won’t do.

Sometimes it’s out of fear, sometimes it’s over thinking, sometimes we under estimate ourselves and sometimes we have grown so used to our comfort zone that we believe change just isn’t necessary; well “not right now!”.

We all like to feel appreciated right? It’s a wonderful feeling.

Do you know the easiest way of receiving appreciation is to give it?

In fact, if I tell someone I appreciate them, it seems to carry more value, meaning and power, than if I said I love them.

Lets face it, the word love is thrown around like confetti…one can go from love, to dislike and outright hatred in a heart beat.

The people who achieve the most are those who dare the most – #fact

You want to live the life of your dreams, then throw caution to the wind and be bold, be audacious, and set your mind free!!

You are in complete control of your life, you must believe that. Every single decision you make has a consequence.

Decide on what consequence you want and execute that critical decision to make it happen.

Tuesday blessings.