The other night…

I was looking at the billions of stars in the sky on what was a clear dark night at 03:30 am. At that very moment I reflected on myself in the great grand scheme of things.

I realised that I was this conscious being in a home, in a street, in a town, in a county, in a country, in a continent, on what we call a planet earth, in a solar system, in one galaxy we call the Milky Way among billions of Milky Ways, in this vast infinite universe.

I then thought about how we as human beings spend so much of daily lives creating havoc, distress, sadness, pain, anguish, fear and anger, and yet we have the equal ability to show love, create laughter, bring joy, relief and pleasure, offer kindness, compassion, empathy and unconditional understanding. The question I then asked myself, is this…

What is this all about? I will park this right here.

Do you believe in ghosts, or spirits?

Read this… The other week I bought some eye drops, as my eyes have tendency to become dry and irritable – partly due to our ever-increasing digital interfaces.  I used it for one day, and then it seemed to have vanished from my home, I looked for it over a period of 3 days, but could not recover the small white tube so I resigned myself to the fact that I will need to go and buy a replacement.

Anyone who knows me, will know I am particularly fastidious around the home. I turn my mattress over regularly and make my bed up to hotel standards. The other night I got ready to go to bed, I removed the cushions, dress pillows and throws off the bed, and got into it. I closed my eyes and prayed as usual for peace and love and for my loved ones… as I opened my eyes, I looked down on my duvet cover and right there on my bed was the prodigal eye drops – it wasn’t there before I got into bed, because if it was, I would have seen the white tube against the dark coloured duvet, and when I got under the duvet, it would have rolled off the bed to the floor… so dear reader, I am not alone.

I am comforted by such experiences, the knowledge that I am able to allow or enable or invite these (not for the first time) experiences to manifest around me.


My first blog of 2016 done. I will be back on Sunday to celebrate a certain special someone’s birthday.

In the meantime remain blessed and keep safe!


3 thoughts on “The other night…”

  1. is the first time i have come across your blog..
    And this post left me inspired and enchanted..
    I admire you really..
    I went through your other blog posts too and they were beautiful. .
    I dont know if i can tell in words how insightful this post was and how it touched just say..even if a little the 2 minutes i spent reading it.. helped me grow as a person..
    Thank you..!!

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