The curse of messaging

Increasingly we’re becoming ever more  reliant on communicating not through the spoken word, but via the digital word.

Messaging has seemingly become the norm. It offers advantages of course… convenience, privacy (movies, church), if grammar is good – clarity and much more.

The weakness in this mode of communication is that messaging what would be easier to say, can very easily be misconstrued with all the downside that comes with it.

Sometimes you may read something and instantly you form a judgement…you see messaging sometimes requires speed of reply and comprehension, and in so doing, that facepalm moment is sometimes just microseconds away.

Sent… Oops too late!

One has no Idea if the receiver will accept that what you sent is as you intended it to be conveyed… it does carry a risk… a risk that would be mitigated had one picked up the phone and spoke in the first place.

Lest we forget the temptation/bad manners by some of us when out dining to text when one is supposed to be attentive towards one’s dining partner.

Yes messaging is a 21st century benefit that there’s no doubt, however for me, personally, the first choice to message over to talk, is well, a little bit like devolution instead of evolution.