It’s not uncommon in western society to observe that it’s often the mother that gets all the focus and importance  when it comes to raising a family.

This in part is due to the old days when it really was the mother that ruled the roost at home. Over the years however our society has changed. Women are just as likely to go out and work as men, and in some cases they’re the main bread winner.

So we men are taking on a new role, a more balanced role in the home. Carrying out responsibilities and tasks that generations ago, would probably be considered unacceptable and frowned upon.

There are still some of us men that see women in the kitchen doing the house work and nothing more, but this is no longer considered the norm.

Raising children is no mean feat. I speak from my own experience. Children will look to their parents for leadership, role modeling; how to love, etiquette, language, knowing what is right and what is wrong… they have little choice but to ape adult behaviour; so raising children is critical in fostering the wider social development.

There are many single women and men raising children and many do so superbly. However the importance of fatherhood is given less value it seems in society than motherhood… all the way to the courts of law.

If a mother is in a fortunate position to have a rock solid father figure setting positive values and behaviors to her children alongside her… from a social point of view, nothing could be more precious.

We’ve seen that family breakdowns often leads to young boys in the main, and sometimes girls finding the family unit among friends on the streets, sometimes with unwanted consequences.

Remember the ‘wait till your father gets home’ threat? Yes it harps back to the stereotype… but it also carries a message that the family unit is where the Rules of Life is born.

Fatherhood is vital, if motherhood is the glue, than fatherhood is the nail.