The importance of #character


Most people who know me, will know that I view life philosophically.

I look forward to the highs, but am always prepared for the lows, because that’s how life goes!

Often what determines the highs and lows in life are people.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the company of people with real character.

Not your ‘same old same old’ person who follows fashion, behaves like a sheep, is easily swayed by external opinion, and has no principle, stance or acquired values on, well, anything.

I would have loved to sit and dine with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, for example, or more topically a Donald Trump… yeah I know, don’t say anything please.

On the female side, the remarkable Tina Turner comes to mind, or, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. You get my drift?

Now these are well known public figures, but there are many of us who share these people’s doggedness, self-belief, ‘big picture’ thinking and a commitment to a cause; their cause.

These and other life path making qualities, I call character.

People with character are often very influential, charismatic, inspirational and driven. They’re often creative, and yet in many cases modest too.

People with character don’t need to be surrounded by people all the time in order to achieve self-worth or feel valued. They’re not concerned about the views of others. People of character know who they are, and moreover know instinctively what is required to get where they want to get to in life. Dare I say, most of those tools are inbuilt.

They are also not put off by setbacks, they understand that each setback is an excellent opportunity for a comeback.

A person with character; if you are fortunate to befriend one, will not let you down. Fickleness… What’s that?

It does seem in the 21st century, that building character is no longer deemed crucial, I beg to differ. For me, good character can make the difference to a life of mediocrity or a series of outstanding achievements.