I had a fresh encounter with the after-life recently. Made me feel good!

I went up into the loft of my house to sort stuff out, and while up there, in an area where there were no cobwebs or dusty stuff hanging around, I felt something playing/touching my head. I had not been up there for sometime several months as I was living away, so I guess whom or whatever it was, was delighted to see me enter the space and made sure I knew it or they was/were there.

Some of you will have experienced that after someone close to you has passed away, shortly after (within 24 hours), you experience this invisible web like sensation most often across the face, and you find yourself wiping away at nothing, but you can still feel something gently and deliberately touching your face, or head.

Onlookers may think your nuts, but that’s their problem.

I was bending over low at the time; so away from the roof joists etc., so I know the intention was meant to tell me, ‘I or we’re with you John’, and as usual (I’ve grown accustomed to this experience) I spoke out loudly and said ” thanks for being with me, I know that through my recent trials you have protected me, ensuring I made the right choices, so keep it up!” I did so with a smile of reassurance.

I went up there the following day just to visibly make sure that there was nothing hanging in that space that could and persistently touch my head despite my best efforts to stop it, nope it was the after-life alright!

It feels good to know I have people, spirits or whatever watching over me, there’s something I believe I give, I expose that allows this to happen, something that I do whether consciously or not, that connects my world with theirs.

Here’s a good book that I am happy to recommend…